burned my hair off tonight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by okil, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. wow just when i thought i couldn't be any more retarded after almost breaking my leg sledding last night. i fucking managed to burn an entire eyelash off and a small portion of the front of my hair.

    my buddy c was having poker at his house tonight. so i met up with my buddy n to smoke a few bowls before heading to poker. we end up smoking two blunts of some blue cheese and get pretty high.

    i then drive over to c's house and we chill while waiting for others to arrive. we decide its time for a cig and realize that neither of us have lighters anywhere on us. c swore he had one somewhere in the apartment but we couldn't find that fucker anywhere. he then has the bright idea to light it on the stove. i decide to light my first since im fiending. being high as fuck this did not seem like a bad idea at all.

    so i put the cig near and take a deal inhale. FUCK. the flames managed to come flying at my face. as soon as i felt the burning i jumped away from the stove. c was freaking out asking what happened. i said i think i burned the fuck out of my face lol. i ran to the bathroom to see the damage and i ended up burning my entire left eyelash off and a pretty decent chunk from the center of my head.

    this fucking sucks lol. i work with this dude and now everyones gonna give me shit for it. :rolleyes:
  2. LOL, I managed to burn my bangs once and I didnt even notice till my boyfriend and friend were like "KENZIE YOURE FUCKING HAIRS ON FIRE!" :3 my lesson was learned not to play with lighters and perfume together anymore ahahahaha:p
  3. haha well at least your friends were cool enough to tell you that you were on fire. i remember one time i was driving with two buddies and going to the gas station. i tried throwing my cig out the window before pulling in and the cig flew into my hood of my hoodie without me realizing it. the fucking thing was sitting in there smoking out of hood (pretty bad too, it started burning through the fabric) and my friends didnt even tell me. so i go into the gas station full of people and spend a couple minutes in there before the lady at the register told me what was up.
  4. awweee sheeeiitt man I'd be so mad if my friends didnt tell me I was like on fire, but yah im pree lucky i guess, the fire didnt do big damnage to my bangs thanks jesus rotfl and sadly my boyfriend took my perfume away from me so it wouldnt happen again. I'm starting to believe I'm a pyromaniac :p

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