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burned canna oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by kastashado, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. man, I tried making cannaoil by heating up veggie oil and putting in an 1/8 of crip, but the oil was smoking. I removed from heat and it started to burn off the herb. (it smelled like weed in the whole apt) Did I just waste a whole $60, or will it be fine since i took it off and put it in the freezer to cool off?
    need to know before I bake.
  2. ........ Did you read the instructions?
  3. no damage done....
    ps. don't lick the bowl
  4. Use a lower temperature next time, and also vegetable oil has been reported to have bad outcomes with weed (not always, but people have reported veggie oil not working) in future I'd always suggest using EOVV (extra virgin olive oil).

    To avoid this from happening in the future try to keep the heat under 350 anything over and you risk combusting your product.
  5. I hope its ok? Your better off decarbing the actual weed in the oven. grind it, preheat oven 150 set on tinfoil for 20 to 30 min.

    Heat oil at the lowest temp you can manage. The oil should not bubble or be to active. all your doing is bonding the good stuff to the oil. Its already activated by Decarbing in the oven.. Use a candy thermometer if you have one. I keep mine between 200F and 250F the lower preferred. No thermometer just keep it low as possible and if it starts to bubble take it off to cool. it should take 2hrs. you you have great oil.

    You can strain through a T-shirt, new pantyhose. I like the reusable coffee filters.

    Hope it worked. good luck with your next batch, Get it right and you'll love it.

    Also before cooking with it research. try brownies and if it calls for 8 minuets at 350F go 325 for 10 or 12 minuets.
  6. Sounds dead dude! If your just starting out cooking with bud you should start with the butter and water method it is almost impossible to fuck it up unless you smoke a 4 gram blunt and forget about it for an hour and all the water boils away and the butter catches on fire and almost burns my apartment down....
  7. yeah the oil was potent....after licking the bowl I was pretty fucked up for about 10 hours before I hit baseline. The sad part is that I cooked the brownies too high and too long. I passed out and left them in for 30 minutes too long, turned them into bricks. Now they're mildly active......have to eat a nice chunk for a smooth body buzz. Next time I know to keep the oil on medium, use a thermometer to make sure it doesn't reach over 215 for an hour and then slow bake at 300 for an hour or until done. see, speed kills, every time!
  8. well damn your just fuckin up all over the place.. lmao

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