Burn or Nute Defficiency?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LuViNdaHERB, May 31, 2006.

  1. My lil one is at day 17 and "her" first set of real leaves are turning light green and have little burns on the tips and edges. I had it under a single 23 watt CFL bulb for the first two weeks and added two more CFLs two make a total of 69 watts. I figured the added light burned the tips, but I can't figure out the change in color. So far she hasn't received any nutes because she's on her 4th set of leaves and I wanted to wait until at least 6th. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me and if I've left any needed info out please let me know :D
  2. How close are the lights?

    Are you in soil? If so, what kind? Specifically, did it have any ferts already in the mix?
  3. Not sure if CFLs get a lot hotter, but I know I've had plants grow right into my 4ft. flouros and they never got a bit burnt. I would bet Toasty is on the right track with the soil.
  4. I knew I forgot something.... :p
    I'm actually working a hydro system with clay pellets. The CFL bulbs are about 4 inches away from the plant and I'm working with Sensi Grow A+B and gave it a really low dosage. So far I've seen slight improvement on the green scale and no additional burns on the leaves. The 4th set is already visible and working on its 5th. I guess as long as it's growing I should be happy. I've actually got some white rhino and ice coming in so I can get this grow really going. Thanks yall for the suggestions:D

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