Buried Life. Season2.

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  1. I watched some of the first season and thought it was just ok. Well I was watching the premier of the Buried Life and thought it was just great. The show has a good balance between sadness and comedy. I thought it was so hilarious when they went streaking but at the very end it made me pretty sad. The last part they had built this skate park for a kid that died and on the grand opening of the park they had a bunch of kids skating and the whole town was there and in the background they had this amazing rainbow. Then this girl said something along the lines of "He showed up" and it brought a tear to my eye. Crazy thing is I havent teared up in like 3 years. It was just so touching to me for some reason. Now I shall never miss an episode because of that.
  2. feeling vulnerable?? haha its all good, I cried watching where the red fern grows a couple of years ago. lulz
  3. GTFO son haha. Nah I didnt like cry but yeah you know. You should go peep it mane.
  4. I was gonna watch it but idk when its on.

    yeah i kno what you mean.
  5. Dude that rainbow made me tear the fuck up. It was definitely a sign that someone was watching that day.

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