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    i started this project on 3/09, but havn't gotten around to posting it as a journal. i'm still setting up my space, it's got white cardboard and paper up as the walls right now, i'm heading to home depot in about 30 minutes to get some white paint to replace all of it, just looks ugly. all plants are bagseed. i've got 2 150w HPS and 10 40w fluorescent lights. i've got a little fan inside and a vent connecting from the side of the box they are in to a roof vent with a fan.

    i went into this not knowing a whole lot, so i am still learning and open to all advice from anyone who would like to share :)

    these pictures were taken on 3/11, 2 days after they had sprouted.

    2012-03-11 13.52.51.jpg

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    with some advice from someone on another thread i had posted i was told i had overwatered, and that's why my leaves were yellow and that the MH lights might be too much for baby plants like these. so these are from today 3/14, i've killed the lights down to just the fluorescent and they look a bit healthier, some yellow spotting still, some weak looking leaves..

    also on my trip to home depot i will be picking up a pH meter and some plant food, any suggestions on food this early into a grow?

    2012-03-14 15.06.49.jpg

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  3. so picked up the pH meter and the mini fan, now i'm just sitting out here, relaxing, reading a book wishing i could make my babies grow faster with my mind.

    each pot of soil tested 6.0-6.5 in pH, is that a good thing? too low? too high?

    2012-03-14 18.03.18.jpg
  4. one week after sprouting, some yellowing still there, but it is now very minimal. i am having a lot of fun watching them.
    2012-03-17 00.33.38.jpg

    and now they have a new baby sister
    2012-03-17 00.33.50.jpg

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  5. well it's been about 8 days since i've last posted because i was out of the country, everyone is looking fine, still need to paint my box and get a better ventilation system.

    2012-03-25 23.14.21.jpg

    and the baby :)

    2012-03-25 23.16.17.jpg

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  6. it's been 4 weeks in veg today? would it be a good time to start flowering?

    2012-04-06 11.42.13.jpg

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  7. it's been a while since i've updated this thread.. about 22 days, seems nobody is looking at it anyway lol.

    one of my females decided to turn hermie so i put it outside.
    2012-04-28 12.47.34.jpg

    all of my other females are about a week and a half into flowering. looking and smelling fiiiiine :smoke:
    2012-04-29 13.10.20.jpg

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