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  1. where you at homie?:confused:
  2. What? I'm not good all of a sudden?
  3. Shut up rasta, quit fishin for attention :smoke:

    yeah ive been wondering where a few of the older members have been too

    rasta you know u got a special place in our hearts haha:D
  4. i love you rasta and tokin
  5. dude, i haven't heard from "terpischore" (sp?) for awhile now either.

    she made a goodbye post talking about how she had to deal w/some shit in her life and wouldn't be here for a while and i haven't heard from her since.
  6. iu know PUSSY
  7. haha, i didnt think anyone would notice
    thanks to "samped" on AIM who sent me the link to this thread, i prolly wouldnt of ever noticed.

    well im here now

    i had just bought salvia and it arrived tonight, and me and my friends tried that shit

    holy fuck
    its fucking nuts

    ill prolly tell you guys my story later on, but besides that, how the fuck are you guys.
  8. haha oh you know... the same ol same ol.

    was it you or samped who plays cs alot?
  9. Seeing the quarter of shrooms in bum's gallery makes me SOOOO psyched for my quarter this memorial day weekend. :D
  10. Wud Up Bum I Noticed Hahahahahahahahahaha Gotta Go Get Some Pussy
  11. haha, nothing much just been smoking lots of weed, and experimenting with lots of other shit.

    ive been working a lot too, and havent been at home or on the computer very much

    ill be trying to check up on the city more often now.
    so you guys should see me here a little more often.

  12. i think i recall him sayin' they were shitty, but i could be wrong
  13. they were shitty

    just incase i didnt say it the first time
  14. If mine end up being shitty, I think I may just cry.

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