Bumps on my hand

Discussion in 'General' started by ghostonvacation, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. It only happens to my left hand. It used to happen monthly, then weekly, now they just form out of no where. What's happening to my hand?

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  2. Considering how many people with a medical PhD browse GC, this should be answered correctly shortly.
  3. basically you need to switch hands lol
  4. I don't use this hand for anything?! Holding a cig sometimes...that's it lol

    I'm watching more bumps form. It's fucking weird man it's trippin me out
  5. Prob. should see a dermatologist.
  6. AIDS for sure
  7. Does it itch? I have eczema on my arm, it looks similar.

    If it's eczema, DON'T FUCKING SCRATCH IT. Seriously, I wish somebody told me that 2 years ago when I got it.
  8. My penis has the same bumps.
  9. Dude that's the thing they don't really itch. If I cup my hand I can feel some strange pressure on my hand, I know they're there but it's not a pain or itch. Shits weird
  10. Yea you should get that checked out though. Could be allergies or bug bites too.

    I'm just spewing what I think is going on, don't take my word for it
  11. looks like witchcraft
  12. Goin to the skin doctor today they won't go away now think I got da plague its on both hands now

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  13. Good luck man. Keep us updated.

    Could it be an allergic reaction of some sort?
  14. Do you wash your hands with antibacterial soap? If so, stop. I get bumps on my hands whenever I wash with anything containing triclosan. Never as bad as your hands look, but bad enough.
  15. I wouldn't advise touching your wiener with those hands.

    If it doesn't hurt or itch, it's probably not too serious. No doubt the doctor will give you something to clear it up lickity-split.
  16. Shit, yeah I do rarely but nothing like this ever happened gonna stop and see what goes down
  17. Holy shit. You have solid hands? You're a ghost though....

    And damn does your hands look bad. Obviously looks worse than it is since they don't itch or anything.
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    Hahah nah this is just the human I am inhibiting at the moment. Ok the doc said I'm just allergic to something and have bad hives and told me to take Zyrtec (sp?)

    Anyone have a remedy for getting rid of hives otherwise?

    I have no clue wtf I'm allergic to, nothing new introduced to diet or anything like that, not overly stressed either
  19. Herpes Simplex 3

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