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  1. On monday at school after lunch im walking through the quad to my next class with a scale and 12 grams in my pocket. two golf carts roll up and one pulls me and my friends into the cart I remain calm and push the sack in between the two layers of my jacket. I get to the office and my friends are searched When its my turn to get searched I demand to know their "reasonable suspision" they wont tell me I ask the cop what my rights are. She says that because im at school I have none. I get searched and they take my bud (fairly decent chrondo) the find the scale and try to push me into saying that i'm a dealer. I deny and after much arguing pass it off as personal usage. They try to bagain with me, to rat my dealer out. I give them a very reasonable deal, If they tell me who narked and allow me to kick their ass. Then I will rat out every dealer on campus. Surprisingly enough they decline my offer. So now im on a five day suspension. That set me back $120. The good thing is I know exactly who narked and they're gonna regret making that mistake. If I have anything to do with it that will be the last mistake they ever make. Also in return for confiscating my stash I am obligated to confiscate the schools hps lights.

    Lesson learned Never bring a large quantity of marijuana on campus and you lose all rights while in the schools custody. Wont be making that mistake again.
  2. Yea I know thats why I hate school. Its bullshit, how can we lose our rights when you go to school, when we are FORCED to go to school. I hate shit liek that
  3. Just consider yourself lucky. All schools around my area have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol meaning you could have a crumb of weed and still be transferred to a correctional school. No other options

  4. Me too man. My old school started fining people for lighters too. Man I remember one time I got 10 days suspension and 'reccomended' to go to a different school.:rolleyes: They though I was smokin weed in the bathroom(I was). But they couldnt prove it lol. Haha they were so pissed:smoke:

  5. Hahaha..."reccomended" that's great - make it another school's problem.

    btw, bullshit story. I'm pretty sure you still have your rights on campus. If you can find out you can reverse all the charges.
  6. Yea man, I bring all my shit to school too on a daily basis, I mean everyone does right? it's not like marijuana is still illegal.......... Next time only have what you need atleast, not a scale and 12g's
  7. lol ur offer to the cop was pretty fuckin funny lol +rep funny storry man haaha
  8. I would've taken the offer if I was that cop just to see that shit.
  9. from personal experiance any highschool can and will rape your rights up one side and down the other and there isnt shit you can do without a lawyer.
  10. I'm guessing by the golf carts it was a college campus? In which case I donno bout rights on 'em but they may be as bad or worse then public HS
  11. I wouldn't exactly call being caught at school with an illegal substance and handed over to the authorities a 'rape' of rights.....
  12. It was at my high school and considering the amount I had and the scale I am surprised that they were stupid enough to believe me when I told them that I was not a dealer. Had I been labeled as a dealer they would have expelled me, no questions asked. One thing is for certain, I will be a lot smarter about my dealing in the future but for now i'm gonna lay low and find some other way to make money.
  13. u weren't actually plannin on narcing on all of those people were you
  14. gj on the stealing lights shit
    i always get revenge like that lol
  15. No way man some of those people are my friends. I figured if they told me, which I pretty much knew wouldn't happen, but if they did I wouldn't have narced all those people and the school/cops couldn't have done anything about it either
  16. You got caught with 12 GRAMS OF POT AND A SCALE on a highschool campus and you only got suspended 5 days? Sounds like they let you off easy.

    I'm glad you didn't narc anybody out.
  17. At my HS you get typically will get suspended for 5 days, but on top of it you get put in Choices and they randomly test you for the rest of HS. You also have to goto this class after school once a week. I know lots of people who were caught a second time from a dt and got kicked out their senior year.
  18. no im simply saying they will not make you aware of your rights making you a helpless victim to let them trample all over them and what not

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