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    Here is my bullshit situation. I am into just about 4 weeks into flowering and come to find out my timer fucks up on me so the lights do not come on for I'm thinking no longer then 3 days at the most. The plants look ok. But how will this little or major hic up effect my grow?
  2. Just set a schedule that is similar to that " only for 3 day" ? U have to be more specific... just throw em on a strict schedule. Most likely 16 hours for a week... then down to 12 hours.... like gradually to avoid stress.. i would put them on a nice timer
  3. turn the lights off yourself there is nothing more reliable than doing it yourself I always do!

  4. I agree. I was using a timer but felt alot more comfy doing it myself. I picked a time when I would be home at both ends.

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