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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blunted, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. yea so my parents are sending me to counseling for drug abuse. Shit load of help thats going to do. I still plan on smoking daily. I'm 17, so i figure in less than a year I will be on my own and won't have to listen to my parents. Hehe, all this would be avoided if the green shit was legal.

  2. Just remember, counseling is alot better than a 6 mo. rehab. Give it your best shot, and shoot for 18 as quick as you can. I didn't smoke budz till I got to college, but I was 16, so I didn't have parents to worry about. What will they do at counseling? Talk you out of smoking? Weird. If I couldn't talk to my own children, I sure as hell wouldn't pay somebody else to do it!! Keep us posted. I am curious what superknowledge they counterattack potsmokers with.
  3. Just remember to be true to yourself. That is the most important thing. I went to counseling once and it really helped me out. They might be able to help between you and your parents. They really don't have to know your not going to quit, sometimes what they don't know won't hurt them. Play the game. Take the good, put stuff you don't know about on the shelf, and throw the rest away! You don't have to convince them pot is ok. It will be the shits, could be rehab. Be wise my friend!

  4. This is some of the best advice I have ever read at this site. Its all true.
  5. I agree 100% with BPP!! livingrace has some excellant advice for you blunted, and when you do turn 18, register to vote and vote to legalize!! Good luck and keep us posted!![​IMG]
  6. livingrace is right, take it to your advantage. my mom sent me to couneling because i was going out all weekend from friday to sunday night without coming home. i took advantage of the counseling, and got some really good advice as to how to deal with my parents. i played the game, and felt kind of bad about it, but the psychologist really helped me put myself in my parents' shoes, and help me understand them more.
    we get along alot better now, probably because i don't live @ home and all, but i took advantage of the counseling - i felt like, if i make this a difficult experience i'll be sitting in this office twice as long, and i have no choice so i might as well get something out of it.

    good luck!

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