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  1. Hey GC I'm clueless when it comes to proper nutrition and dieting. I was hoping some experienced gym members and nutritionists could share insight on how I should construct a proper diet with the goal of bulking up. Thank you
  2. What is your age, height, weight?

    You should eat 500 calories a day over your caloric requirement. Try to get as close to a 30% protein, 30% fat, 40% carbs diet as you can. The best foods for you at the most affordable price are: oatmeal, milk, eggs, chicken breast, peanut butter, bananas, rice, and walnuts. The best supplements are a mens daily vitamin, fish oil, B complex, whey protein powder, casein protein powder, and creatine. Drink a gallon of water a day. Try to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism stable. Thats at least 6 meals a day. Get a good nights sleep every night. Get whole milk. Drink a post workout shake and a pre sleep shake. Whey protein powder for the post workout and casein for the pre sleep. Putting a cup of oats in your shakes is a nice trick. Drink olive oil if you have it and put a tablespoon in your shake. Consume 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Do compound lifts: squats, deadlifts, benchpress, military press, rows, pullups, chinups, hang cleans. Good luck.

  3. This pretty much nails it on the head.

    Myfitnesspal is a great tool to help you track your caloric needs and your macros.
  4. I highly appreciate your input and plan to follow it. I'm 19 6ft and weigh 162
  5. No problem dude and based on your age height and weight you should aim for about 3000 calories a day.
  6. Casein shake is useless, just eat before bed
  7. A casein shake before bed gives him an extra protein boost and the casein powder+cup of milk+tbsp of oo+2 eggs = about 530 calories and he will burn about 550 calories in 8 hours of sleep. Boom he meets his protein needs and doesn't lose weight overnight. Thank you come again.
  8. Whatever buddy, personally I'd avoid milk (unless raw) and casein protein. I would eat 1 tbsp almond butter and 6 eggs, along with fish oil.good to go.

  9. beautiful. couldn't have said it better
  10. +1

    Just eat food. Avoid believing in the fear propaganda spread by the supplemental industry that tries to get you to believe that the human body is completely dumb and will eat its own muscle overnight without a casein shake. How long have homo sapiens been evolving for? And how much of that time were they measuring how many grams of casein powder to take before bed?

    Fasting increases HGH production. HGH and Insulin have an inverse relationship. Carbohydrates and protein induce the secretion of insulin. In fact proteins are known to induce the secretion of insulin more efficiently than carbohydrates. See? Your body knows what it's doing. In my opinion it would be wiser to listen to an endocrinologists rather than someone who got a degree in marketing.

    I rather have my body pump out natural HGH than feeding my organism with pharmaceutical, bovine-derived, denatured protein.

    It's pretty simple man. If you want to bulk (as in gain weight not caring how much is fat and how much is muscle), then work out hard and eat a lot. If after a few weeks you're not getting the results that you want, eat more and work harder. But if you want to stay healthy and bulk then eat clean. Keep it simple, man.
  11. Casein protein has been linked to cancer as a side note.

    Shakes and supplements are useful because it takes the headache out of trying to figure out if you had enough of x or y when you're ready to eat. You whip up a gainer shake and you know you've got a meal in a cup.

    Casein protein is awesome before bed not because of the caloric or protein value but because of the pace of digestion. Sure eating before bed will give you those few hundred calories that your stomach was screaming for but anyone who has been on a bulk knows that by the time the sun rises your stomach is in knots again. That hunger is debilitating. Casein protein takes hours and hours for your stomach to digest making it easier to hit the ground running.

    Naturalists believe that food and a good routine is all your need. Truth.
    But know results are faster and plateaus are broken more easily by supplementing.
  12. Fear propaganda by the supplements industry? No supplements just make bulking easier, this ^ is correct.
  13. I went from 162 to 185 in a winter at Uni.

    Everyone thought I was doing steroids but I was eating nutrient and protein dense meals and exercising twice a day.

    It is possible man just got to put your time in.
  14. Casein is a waste of money imo. If want a slow releasing protein before you go to bed just drink a glass of milk.
  15. So you believe in the fact that your body goes into a catabolic state every night if you don't get your casein in? Who else perpetuates the fear inducing claim that your body that's been evolving for millions of years fails to maintain its muscle and eats away at it at night without a constant supply of protein other than supplement companies and people that literally buy into those claims? Because any endocrinologist can educate you regarding the significance and mechanics of your glands. You believe keeping your insulin levels high throughout the night, not allowing your pituatiary gland to produce and release HGH is an easier way to bulk? In other words, consuming a heavily processed, denatured, bovine-derived protein that contains a lot of beta casein A1 which reacts very negatively with the human gastrointestinal tract is superior to your body producing its very own natural Human Growth Hormone?

    Did you know that anabolic steroids make bulking easier? So does eating a whole pizza every night before you go to sleep. If could care less about being healthy and are primarily focused on seeing the gradual increase of the relative number on the scale you weight yourself on, then by all means take the 'perceived' easy way out.
  16. Sounds pretty subjective to me, unless you would like to expand on this statement.

    As for the casein, the pace of digestion is exactly what's wrong with casein. Would you rather spend 8 hours a night, 365 days a year feeding your organism with a pharmaceutical grade, heavily processed, denatured, bovine-derived, allergenic, gastrointestinal irritating powder or have your pituitary gland naturally pump out your personal Human Growth Hormone?
  17. Cut carbs. And by carbs I mean sugar and grain not fruit and vegatables

    Eat lots if meat, or if your vegan lots of nuts
  18. I stopped reading your posts after the first sentence of your first post, but by all means keep responding.
  19. Be aware of the dangers of A1 beta casein

    Cliffs: Beta Casein A1 consumption correlates with leaky gut syndrome, digestive stress, neurological disorders, diabetes, and heart disease.

    Study: Fasting stimulates HGH, good for heart and overall health

    Cliffs: Fasting maintains muscle mass and increases HGH production by 2000% in men.
  20. When I was 14, I was only 5' 3" and 85 pounds. I bulked up 15 pounds in 6 months. Milk is 150 calories and 8g of protein a cup, so just drink 4/5 cups of milk a day, get in a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and maybe eat some meat. Also, the beefaroni you can buy at the store in a can is 500 calories/18g of protein per can. Try to get in at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, e.g. a 150 pound man would need 150 grams of protein.

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