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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SweetLeaf2112, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hello GC, I'm a little confused about marijuana prices. Isnt it supposed to be the price goes down when you buy in bulk? If a gram is 20 and an eighth is 65 the price isn't that much different than buying three separate G's. And I'm a little worried about buying a full eighth because it would be easy to cut a little out and just say its a full 3.5. I can't weigh in front of him. Can someone with a little more experience than me give me some direction? I've only actually bought weed 3 times and they were all just a gram.
  2. Bulk is considered 1 ounce or more.
  3. Umm.. Buy the eighth? What are you worried about? You save money on the eighth no matter how small. I don't see the point in buying separate grams. And if you are that sketched about your dealer, which btw it sounds like he is overpricing you, then just find a new hookup, man. Or if it is possible in any way, get it weighed in front of you. Hope all goes well.

  4. Most of the time. OP is new and is just referring to anything over an 1/8th.
  5. I ll have to try that.

  6. Get a scale, and don't pay any more then 60/eighth. Why can't you weigh it?
  7. Bulk I think Quap. That's jus me
  8. First off, buying a scale was the best investment ever, (next to a vape of course) the peace of mind is SOO worth the $10-$20. Secondly, $65/eighth is a SHIT ASS price, try to find a better dealer. Thirdly, if you're really concerned about him skimping you than just decide which is more important to you: Getting high regardless of how much you pay Vs. Getting your money's worth.

    EDIT: But yea I can't emphasize enough how important it is to buy a scale early on. It sucks spendning the money on something instead of weed but once you have it you'll be more than happy. :smoke:
  9. [quote name='"Dopethrone420"']

    Get a scale, and don't pay any more then 60/eighth. Why can't you weigh it?[/quote]

    Well I can't weigh it at the deal. But I can weigh it when I get home. I guess if he tips me off I'll just find another guy

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