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  1. I have two PC cases that have been gutted out and transformed into grow boxes [​IMG] I will have about 100watts of CFL in each case. Each case has two PC fans as exhaust and passive intakes. Since I'm on a bit of a budget, I was wondering if I could just start the plants out on 12/12 2700k lights in order to save money on vegging bulbs (6500k) that would only be used for a week. What do you guys think?
  2. you can get away with it. the veg bulbs just work better.
  3. you can veg with 2xxx bulbs but they could stretch still veg using 18/6
  4. Say what?
  5. your all set. just keep them close to the plants and they wont stretch.
  6. a lot of good growers use strictly red spectrum (hps or 2700k spectrium) for full grows, keep your lights on 18/6off. You will find you will have very diminished yield if you dont veg for a bit first.
  7. I was thinking about putting 1 6500k Bulb and 3 2700k bulbs in for the whole grow. Would this be better?
  8. Daylight bulbs, which are in the 6500k spectrum is more readily absorbed by the plant. So essentially you will want more daylight bulbs, but 2700k will work just fine if your on a tighter budget.

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