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  1. what wattage of HPS bulb do you reccommend for 1-2 plants?
  2. i say 400, but thats me. everyone has the preference, 250 as a minimum
  3. Well how much space do you have?

    If you have the space and can put up some ventilation put up a high wattage bulb because you will get your money back from it in bud.

    Here is a rule of thumb
    a 70 will cover an area of 1x1
    a 250 will cover an area of 2x2
    a 400 will cover an area of 3x3
    a 600 will cover an area of 4x4
    a 1000 will cover an area of 5x5

    as you go up your plants will look more impressive so if you have the space go with a 600 its the ideal plant light and 2 plants should get you a nice yeild. If you are looking to do a small light in a small space definately scrog.
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  4. im looking at a 400 hps. is scrog a hydro system or do i just use soil. i have pretty much an area of 7ft by 7ft by 7ft, h, l, w . so what do u reccomend i do for a 400. and i think a 600 is too expensive so just the 400 and maybe 4 ft 40w floros( four altogether)
  5. what's scrog?

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