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  1. Ok, I know this might be a stupid question lol, but I've read a lot of the forums but I could never really get an answer. I don't know that much about lights and electricity so I'm asking you guys.

    Would this light bulb


    150 HPS Bulb
    Brand: Philips, Sylvania or GE
    Manufacturer Item #: LU150 Med
    Bulb Size/Shape: ED17
    Watts: 150
    Base: Medium
    Initial Lumens: 16,000
    Kelvin 2200K:
    Case Quantity:12

    Fit like a normal wal-mart type house lamp? I'm going off the base size, but I'm probably wrong.
  2. No you need a ballast to get that to work.
  3. Based on the base size, I am tempted to say yes. A typical HPS bulb has a mogul base. The fact that this one has a medium base has me intrigued. As far as I know a medium base is the standard base size. My only question would be the ignitor. Typically HPS units have an ignition system. Perhaps this one has an internal ignition system.

    I would be curious to see if this would work or not. Let us know if you order one.

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