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Buju Banton: Up To 25 Years

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nichevo, May 4, 2011.

  1. #1 Nichevo, May 4, 2011
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    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone on here knows who Buju Banton is. Sorry if some of this is badly written - I'm incredibly stoned on a pretty potent indica strain (I can't type after smoking an indica).

    He's a reggae artist who recently was convicted for "intent to sell cocaine" and his sentence could be up to 25 years in prison. He's known to smoke quite a lot of weed so I thought I should post this on GC to see if anyone knows who he is.
    This is pretty much what happened:

    He was on a flight going to his house in Miami from the Caribbean (I think from Jamaica). On the flight he got into a conversation with an American narc and was asked if he wanted to buy cocaine and he refused to buy it. When being asked if he has ever sold it, he did say he has sold it and whatnot, although he really has never touched cocaine. Where he comes from, you can't sound unexperienced so it was kind of his instinct to try to seem as experienced as possible which in this case would mean saying he has sold before. He was then arrested due to saying that and as I said earlier, is awaiting his sentence which could be up to 25 years in prison. I also know that one of Bob Marley's sons (not Damian Marley but a different one) sold his house in Miami and put all the money towards Buju Banton's bail.

    EDIT: Sorry GC moderators about posting something that briefly refers to cocaine. I thought it would be fine due to it being on the Caribbean news and whatnot, and he is known for smoking quite a lot of weed so it still fits in the GC community.
  2. 25 years? Who did he murder?
  3. That's sweet about the bail thing. If all he really did is say that though, you'd think he can get off easily with a decent lawyer. There's gotta be a statute of limitations, and he could've sold it off US soil.

  4. I know! A bunch of people are pissed in Jamaica/Trinidad & Tobago right now because of such a high sentence.

  5. Yeah, I though that was awesome as well. It's ridiculous how much he is getting fucked over though.
  6. Just looked him up..... Scariest voice EVER
  7. i listen to some buju jams...

    i heard about this a while back, sucks man
  8. That's bullshit, buju banton is genius
    I doubt he'll get any jail time though, it doesn't sound like they have any evidence against him aside from a conversation with a narc?

  9. That's why everyone is freaking out about it. He's getting fucked over
  10. Ah Man! I love Buju Banton's song "Champion". I can't believe that. Such bad news.
  11. I'm fucking moving to iceland.

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