Built in ballasts???

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    Are there any known issues with these?

    Just wondering if , even though it is air coolable, does it get rid of enough heat seeing as how the ballast is right there also.

    I mean, a 400w light for $150,.......hmmmmmm

  2. its gonna get hottttt
  3. I'd second Danknugz opinion and also thank him for the National Marine link (cheap de-humidifiers:))
  4. it does NOT look air cooled to me. notice how theres no area to hook up a 6 inch fan to it?! means its not air cooled technically
  5. It is air cooled. You take off the slotted vent cover and replace it with the fitting to accept the duct
  6. You can purchase the glass plate and 4" fitting for those enclosed kits for around $30. From the looks of it the light has to be on the end and it sucks air thru the ballast area, across the bulb, and out the fitting. I Have the 150w version that doesnt have the cooling options but both the 250 and 400 do.
  7. I auctually just bought this same exact light 1 week ago. My seeds just got put into dirt so i havent used it yet but i will let you know how it works out. It also takes a Hps or a Mh bulb (converstion) wich is cool i didnt get the cooler nor the glass with it. I have talked to another person from this site that says it works great he says it gets hot yes but what setup like that one dosent.

    Keep smokin :bongin:

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