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Buillding a smell proof box...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Raizor, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. So my friend is going to be picking up quite a large amount... We'll just leave it at a couple pounds.
    But he needs to keep part of this stashed somewhere he decides, he just needs it to be smell proof. So we contemplated this for a while and came up with a couple ideas, but nothing for sure on how to knock out the smell. We talked about building our own wooden crate(s) with a lining of material that's smell proof, to just finding a mini fridge and locking it up. But we aren't to sure at all about it.
    So, what are your opinions and ideas on this? Is there a material that is smell proof I can line a box with? Do you have your own methods for building a box of this type?
    I just haven't had to hide such a large amount, so you guys should just throw your ideas out there.

  2. How much are you willing to spend?
  3. I'd just make a box, seal it up, throw a couple of O.N.A's in there.
  4. What id do, is buy a few large mason jars and a couple coolers. Seperate the bud into quarter pounds and put those all in zip lock bags. Then put the zip lock bags into the mason jars. Then put the mason jars into the coolers. That should not smell at all. And if it does, then put another zip lock bag around the mason jar before you put it in the cooler.
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    his or her idea^^^^^
  6. Not much. Maybe like 20 - 40 bucks at most.
    He's not willing to split it up until it's 'needed'.
  7. 1390582263897.jpg
  8. Put it in large food saver bags and in a wooden box. Then go to a pet store and get a large carbon fish filter cartridge and put it over the top. Works like a charm. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Sorry he doesn't want to go the vacuum bag route for some reason. I should have mentioned that.
    I'll do a little research on that. Thanks
    I'm not to sure where the carbon filter is going to help out a simple box...? There's no airflow.
  10. Your friend really doesn't want to do anything that will work well...
  11. He doesn't want to open it up because well... It's not personal lol
  12. all the things mentioned are all i wouldve said, additionally, wear latex gloves when your packing it away. smell, especially something as strong as cannabis, sticks to everything and will transfer over even if you dont smell it, it is there even if at a microscopic level. try not to touch anything outside of the jars or the bags or the cooler or any method you choose with hands/gloves that have touched bud. if so. then wash it and touch it with clean hands only. best of luck.
    You don't have to necessarily split it up into exact weights or anything, but as another poster previously said, mason jars are your best bet for controlling the smell.  You will cover up the smell entirely if you put it into mason jars.
    It will be very difficult to build a box and make it smell proof, especially if you are getting a few pounds, and next to impossible if he wants to do it for under 40 dollars.
    Furthermore, from what I've read about Ona Gel, it has a very strong smell.  I don't think you would want to venture down the route of possibly changing the smell and taste of your bud.

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