building my first grow box in a week or so!!!!!

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  1. Hey guys, after much research, I hope I finely found a set up I can afford to build, with a small 250 watt light. I'm going to buy most of the items to build it at Lowes and Home Depot, I don't want to buy everything at one I've found the things I'm still in need of online between ebay and yawl's great links in the Noobs forum, buts here's a few questions I have so far...

    The box itself I'm planning to build, is going to be 4 feet in height, 4 feet in length, 3 feet in width. I'm building the structure out of MDF board and going to line the inside with Mylar (thanks your great I've came up with a ventilation idea using the window next to where its going to be located and I live out in BFE, and using shed in the woods behind my house, so I'm not worried about the smell of the exhaust fans. I'm sure of my design (I'll pics when done) but not sure if the dimensions are correct for what I want to do. I only want to grow two plants at a time. After I'm able to get a descent corp I'm going to build another box just for vegging staff and rotate plants as I go. So would my dimensions be enough? Or to much or what???
    Now my second question is about lighting. I was going to do CFL light build with 4 CFL's on top and 4 florescent grow lights on the sides,1 on each side (left and right of the box) and two in the back. I already have the florescent lights and was getting ready to buy the CFL lights online when I found this on ebay for the same price the CFL's where going to cost and the 4 CFL would combined to be 240 watts this is a 250 system with the HPS and MH bulbs …I called and talked to them they seem legit.
    250W Digital Ballast HPS + MH Grow Light System | eBay
    would this along with my florescent lights be enough for 2 plants. Or should I just drop the florescent's and just the HPS and MH bulbs???
    So heres my lil check list. Tell me if I'm missing anything
    Here's what I found locally
    items to build the structure (minus the Mylar)
    Lighting (hopefully) including the light on ebay
    Ventilation set up
    Here is the items I couldn't find I'm need to order : (wanted to wait just in case I missed some I must have)
    Reflective Mylar Sheets
    Trellis Netting
    General Hydroponics pH Control Kit
    these should be my last my 20
    what is the best potting soil and such I should use?
    And the most important question I have does anyone here have a seed bank that offers feminized seeds they could recommend?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who responds my stupid ass…
    Good luck and good growing

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