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  1. :confused: ok so i was outside in my shed (building my grow box)and i ran into a lil prob. my shed is 10'x20' but as i was getting started i realized my plan of a grow box wxdxh(5'x3'x6'). but my question is how deep do you think it should be, as the 3' deep kinda takes a whole lotta space protruding from the wall.

    i just need to know the depth i would need to fit 4 plants?

    any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated!!!

    this is my first grow and i want everything to be perfect.
  2. You have more than enough room in that box for 4 plants, i think you mite even have enough room for 4 in flower and 4 in veg, if you clone you fully vegged plants before you put them into flower they will be ready to flower when the first batch is ready to harvest, you should give that a try. I have a closet for vegging 6 and flowering 6 and its not even 3' deep its just slightly longer. hope this helps peace.
  3. thanks for tha help dank so i am just gonna go 3 feet deep

    thanks again
  4. I agree 3x5' footprint is more than fine for 4 plants.

    Are you building this box inside your shed? I assume it is uninsulated and has no HVAC -- how hot does it get in there on summer days and how cold on winter nights? If you want everything to be perfect you need to take a second look at temp management IMHO.
  5. sorry its been awhile since i checked this thread.

    but yeah i have all that heat, cold issue under control. i just bought a small window unit from lowes today for $89 (just a little 5000 BTU) and for the winter time it usually doesnt get below 20-30 degrees here (southern louisiana)

    oh and the shed is not insulated but my grow box is.


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