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  1. I want to smash my head into a wall.

    Working on computers is a hobby of mine. Ive been working on one for a while, swapping things in and out ect. About 2 yrs ago my case got fucked up and my video card got stolen. At that point I didnt have the cash to fix it. I just bought a new case and I just got done getting it all together. My only problem now is my hard drives. Yes, drives. I have about 7-8 of them. Some burnt out, some just fucked up or something. Ive been going through them with little luck. Also the video is kinda fucked up. Im getting weird output but still visible. I dont have a video card yet so Im using the motherboards. Its only on the startup screens but when (if) it gets to the main, it gets clear so Im not worrying about it.

    Its been a long time sinceI worked on computers so Im having to brush up on everything. Kinda pissed few of my HDs arent working...really dont want to put out for a new one...:mad:
  2. I doubt a few of your HDDs randomly shitted out on you though..

    Just make sure they are all cabled and have a molex for power. May I ask what happened to your case and whatnot?
  3. Wear and tear. It had a door that got damaged and I took it off. I thought it was time for a new one.

    And it wasnt random, but they sure dont work
  4. Did you use an anti static cuff? Have you checked the output rails of the PSU. Random problems often mean power problems. Static is probably not likely; that is more likely to fry the silicon on the board itself.

    Test them in your old unit or another unit, one at a time, and check your PSU to make sure all the outputs are doing their thing.
  5. Well now to turn this thread into I need fuckn help.

    I got it running, but now I need an OS. Ive downloaded XP, black edition and original. Both get an error that says

    "setupdd.sys cannot be loaded

    error code is 14"

    I believe it points to a hardware issue but I cant find that specific error code...
  6. That can be caused by a CPU or RAM issue, most of the time, but it's a hard one to trace. Try downloading memtest and running it, and try disabling CPU cache if your BIOS allows it prior to install.
  7. Yup, as OSG suggested, check your BIOS settings and run some diags.

    Since you've already made it known the status of varying pieces of hardware, I would suggest grabbing the Ultimate Boot CD. Download the ISO and burn it to a CD and boot from it. You can run ALL kinds of diagnostics with that CD on damn near every part of your system.

    Lot easier to find out what the hell is going on with your hardware BEFORE you try and load an OS. Avoids a lot of fist-through-wall frustration too.
  8. If I had to take a wild guess I'd say bad RAM, possibly from static during the install.
  9. Yeah Im suspecting the ram as well. Im downloading the UBCD so we will see what comes up
  10. Count yourself lucky. My first computer was a Heath Kit DIY that you needed a soldering iron to put together. A whopping 1mhz 8 bit Z80 processor and I think (been decades) 1K of RAM that I later upgraded to 4K. Yes K, not M or G :D There also were no diagnostics to speak of in those days.

    Coindidentally we also had to walk 5 miles to school, in the snow, uphill. Both ways. I never could figure that out :confused_2:
  11. I understand man. My granddad is an old school hacker. He has tons of computer parts out in his office.
  12. It really was fun in oh so many ways. Low level hacking, poking in opcodes into memory to execute program code. Minimal OS overhead. True there were no graphics back then on PC's but we wrote some very elegant programs, including fun games, in just a few K of RAM.
  13. Heh, you're dating yourself there, OSG...

    Sad part is it's bringing back memories...:D

    Was surprised at my first real job to walk into the Data Center that had the "archive" system that still used paper tape. And I'm not talking about little strips of paper tape either, big-ass rolls of it the size of shopping mall toilet paper dispensers...PDP 11/70s...disk drives the size of washing machines...tinkering around with Apple IIs...BBS...remember the innocence.

    I would say something about walking to school uphill both ways, but I think I've got an even better one to relate with today.

    Just imagine for a second...The entire Internet, completely devoid of all porn.

    Yeah, that's right, None. Zilch. Nada.

  14. Then why use it?:confused:

    It was the ram. I started the mem test and its all errors. Its been goin for a while and its upwards of 2 million errors.

    I think I may need new memory...
  15. My Uncle hacked into the FBI .He was only 14 so he didn't get boned for life. Ended up working for the Gov in computers. If you cant beat em buy em.

  16. [​IMG]
  17. First, He said, 'Let there be Usenet, and there Usenet.'
    Then He said, 'Let there be porn, and there was porn. And it was Good'.


    Glad you figured it out OP.

  18. Tandy 2500XL, 802x86 5 or 10MHz processor (BIOS switchable), 640k RAM, DOS 3.3


    You remember when you had to select your graphics? VGA, SVGA, XGA? LOL

    Game back then:

    Turn left
    Go forward
    Open door
    Search desk
    Go backwards
    Turn right
    Go forward
    Go forward
    Go forward
  19. I can remember when you couldn't get graphics for a home computer of any kind, other than the early game 'consoles' such as Pong :p

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