Building an Ebb and Flow, got some ?'s

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by harryf, May 20, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm planning on building me a small ebb and flow system in the near future, and though I have a good understanding of the general idea of the system, I want to make sure I get the right fittings and a water pump thats suited to my needs. Here's a link for the tray I want,, it's 3' by 6' by 6". This site has many different water pumps available, but I'm not sure how many GPH is suited to this size tray. Also, I'm looking at this,, for an overflow and for the fill/drain. Both say they use a 1" hole, my question is, do I need an additional fitting for these to make them watertight, or should I just use an o-ring or some type of sealant. And I also believe I need to buy extentions for the overflow fitting, since the tray is deeper than some. Also, can someone tell my why everyone charges so much for resevoirs? Couldn't I just buy a plastic container from home depot or something for like 10 bucks? Is it just because they're stronger or is there some functionality to them that I'm just not understanding? Thanks
  2. you wanna save some cash?$10 kiddie pool/$13 pump/$13ebb flow input and overflow/$2 piece of hose from pump to fill input/$30 bag of fired clay pellets/$15 plastic bin for a reservoir/$17.50 for 25 plastic grow containers at .70 each/$15 timer that spits up in 15 min intervals/ $100 full line of earth juice nutrients,grow,bloom,micro blast,catalyst.
    just build a $20 wood table and set the pool on it high enough to drain into your resevoir.thats about a 100 bucks without the nutrients and the table...all you need is some clones in small rockwool cubes ready for transplanting.i use five units,i run three of these in flower and two in veg with some pro-mix in containers to fill in the gaps.i wish i had the two hundred bucks for the 4x8 tablesbut then i would need a bigger pump and reservoir,a big reservoir! ill upgrade when i gets the greens flowin free.
    good luck in whatever path you take,
    scary visionary.

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