Building a grow box, a question about it's requirments, please help!

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  1. Hi there! I'm new here and I had just a quick question.

    This is the box I'm going to grow in, I've already built it but it's buried in my closet right now as part of a stealth grow op:


    Anyways, I still have to make some modifications to it as it's not even close to being ready.

    My question is, whether or not I decide to use Soil, Bubbleponics or Hydroponics, can the box be set up to be used with any of those?

    For example, air intake/exhaust, lights, Carbon filter... Can I install all of these things and use them interchangeably with soil and hydroponics?

    I think I'm going to start with soil but after that I want to do a DWC hydroponics grow in here for my second one. And aside from the obvious things needed for hydroponics such as a reservoir (probably tupperware), an air pump and net pots, can I keep the box the same as when I do the soil grow?

    Thank you for any help! doesn't seem to be helping me out too much :(
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    Hey ThornHail,

    The choice of soil or hydro is all yours but I will say that you are really limiting yourself to the possible size of your plants with the limitation of the height of your box. If you put your babies in a 3 inch tall pot, either soil or hydro, then attach a light at the top a 21 inch tall plant would be directly against your hps or mh lamp and have no where to grow taller which is no good. You need a taller box! :) Most growers agree that 24" tall is the minimum height to start the flowering process and the girls will grow for 8-12 weeks after that. I am just saying that you need to think bigger!
    I am doing an indoor closet grow, 2 feet deep, 4 feet wide, 8 feet tall and my Hawiian girl is already 3 feet tall. She has 7 weeks to go before harvest so even if you choose dwarf species and keep things micro, I think you will still need a taller box bro.


  3. I know this. Which is why I'm going to be doing some LST to keep it bushy.

    Now as for the box, will i need anything extra (other air exhaust, lights, carbon filter) for a hydroponics grow rather than a soil grow and vice versa?
  4. Bump, any help would be great guys

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