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  1. I'm looking to put one together for relatively cheap. Of course I don't expect a $500 pc to be a monster, although I would like it to run games such as Oblivion on decent settings. I'd also hope that later on I could pour more money into the setup to make it worthy of a $1000+ pricetag.

    I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to parts, though, so can any superior geeks verify that all of these parts are compatible? Anything I'm missing? Would I run into trouble if I tried to swap out parts later on?

    I'm open to any suggested changes, as long as it ends up falling somewhere between $5-800 (the setup below + monitor comes to about $700).

    disc drive:
    hard drive:
    sound: integrated into the mobo

    thanks in advance
  2. That's a pretty nice setup for a budget gaming computer. It might have some trouble running next-gen computer games, but you should be able to get some good use out of it.

    I'd recommend upgrading your processor though, try this:

    It's not that much more and it'll be a good step up, especially with the increase in cache speeds.
  3. go down to a store (i went to a store called memory express) and ask them. I went down there with a list of shit worth over $800. The dude corrected the shit out of it, I had parts for a really old port type, and the price went down to $600, with better specs.

    It's a good PC, I played oblivion of highest settings and shit. They know their shit at a store dedicated to hardware.
  4. Get core 2, and like an S3 for a motherboard. And G.skill DDR2800. And you need a power supply... get a good like 610W PC power and cooling one, and it will last you for many builds to come. And also, I dunno bout that case...

    For help, try here:

    Great forum, and you might get better suggestions where everyones not stoned....

    (EDIT)for 800, you can have something that murders $4000 ailenwares..... At least core 2 and GeForce 8800GTS.
  5. Would you mind posting your specs for me? That's precisely what I'm looking for, so I could just make a couple of minor adjustments and roll with that, if you're so inclined.:hello:

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