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    I replied to your PM (I think), but I'll reply here, too, so everyone can see it.

    Bottom mounted PSU cases are popular for cable management reasons. You can mount the PSU on the bottom and just run all of the cables up and generally behind the motherboard tray to hide them all. This makes the inside of your case not only look better, but easier to work with and have fewer restrictions to the air flow.

    I have heard good things about the HAF series from CM, and I think that case will work very well. I, personally, wouldn't get it, but that is because I hate those fucking side vents and side mounted fans. I prefer front to rear/top airflow, generally positive or neutral pressure (intake CFM greater than or equal to exhaust CFM).

    Not a bad case at all, though. If you like the look of it then it would be a good purchase.

    I was going to link the case that I purchased for my recent build but Newegg seems to have stopped carrying it :(. And I only built this rig in September or so of last year... It was a similarly priced Lian-Li LanCool case and I absolutely love it.

    It actually looks like Lian-Li stopped making it! :(
  2. I agree with the positive airflow, it helps keep the computer less dusty.
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    So are you saying you think the case I want to get will collect dust easily? Because that is something I'd like to avoid as much as possible.
  4. That case will collect dust a little bit more than some others, and a lot less than some others, as well.

    That is a fine case. If you like the aesthetics of it, get it. It has good functionality.
  5. No, I'm talking about airflow, not that specific case.

    Positive airflow or pressure will have a tendency to push out a lot of dust; however you might want to look into getting screens for your intake fans. They slide out, and can be cleaned in ten seconds.

  6. cooler master has some pretty sweet cases, my pc is in a cooler master storm enforcer, i would highly recommend it, it has good airflow, 1x120mm and 2x200mm fans so its very quiet, support for usb 3, lots of space for disk drives and hard drives, it's well built and it has a window so you can see inside. the only down side is that there are no mounts for a side fan, this may not be ideal if you have a very hot running graphics card. they can be had for about 120 dollars.
  7. get the 3570k, dont waste your time with that. will bottleneck your vid card if its above a 660 or 7870
  8. If you can afford the 3570k, get it.

    If not, go for the 3470. It's still a good CPU.
  9. i agree, 3570k or even 2500k is still good for 10$ cheaper.

    3570 is good too but k is better to overclock.
  10. What would you say the benefits and uses of overclocking are? I've never done it before.
  11. you get greater performance, better FPS in games usually, its just like having a better CPU really. alot of CPU's are underclocked, and K is unlocked meaning you can basically overclock it to the max

    but overclocking can also risk killing the chip and can shorten the lifespan. if you cool it right and overclock it right there should be no problems though.

    might want to watch some youtube videos and read up on google to learn more.
  12. Overclocking is a lot less risky than some people make out and the benefits greatly outweigh the risks, the only way you are likely to kill a chip is through too much heat or too much voltage, if you do your research before you overclock and don't exceed max voltages or temps you'll be fine
  13. Been awhile since I updated this thread, and since I just got my PSU and MB delivered like 5 min ago I figured I would post an update with all the parts I have so far.

    -Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid-Tower Case
    -1000w Gold Topower Power Supply
    -ASUS M5A97R 2.0 Motherboard
    -8gb of G.Skill DDR3 RAM

    Probably gonna order my CPU next, but what do ya'll think of my list so far?
  14. Nice, I've never heard of that psu company though.

    What graphics card are you getting? 1000w is a bit overkill unless you're running like three 690s

  15. Yeah I was skeptical about the PSU company too, that's why I got a 3 year warranty for like $15 more. And even with that extra $15 it was still less expensive than most 750-950w PSUs.

    I'm most likely going to get something like this for a graphics card;
    SAPPHIRE 100355L Radeon HD 7850 Video Card -

    But I'm also going to be installing a beefy soundcard at some point in order to use external midi devices n whatnot, so I figured the extra wattage on the PSU would come in handy at that time. Not building my computer just for games.
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    Did you already buy that psu? 1000w is way overkill for that setup. You'd be much better off getting a higher quality psu, like corsair or XFX, that has about 750w.

    I have a beast of a rig (3770k and 670 ftw with a sound card and six fans) and that uses 400w max under heavy gaming.

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