building a computer for gaMing

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  1. dont get that psu/case combo. get a brand like antec or corsair and make sure its 80 certified. and get 8gb of ram, you probably wont ever use half of it. and unless you already have some kick ass speakers you really wont get much use out of the sound card. i have that same cpu though :D

    edit: oh and read the reviews for all those things cause you might find something you dont like
  2. ok, thanks man, hows the cpu working for you?
  3. how big of a power supply would i need?
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    Use that to get a wattage estimate and buy one thats a little higher in wattage in case you want to SLI in future or what not.

    Just did it to get just the parts you are getting, got 405 Watts, but to SLI 650 Ti's and another HDD it goes all the way up to 568 Watts. Its up to you want you get, but if you have any plans to SLI, but a PSU that will fit that need so you dont need to upgrade 2 things then.... Basically, Id get a ~600Watt. lol

    Also thumbs up on what miseal said, i agree.

    I personally would get a WD blue drive over that Seagate but ive been using WD forever and will continue to....

    Dont get that case PSU combo, get a nice case too. Getting a nice computer, might as well look good too. I recommend NZXT, coolermaster, Corsair

    You dont need that Audio card unless you got some crazy speaker setup lol. Their zonar 25$ card should be enough....

    Also double check prices, Amazon and NCIX both shop to Canada and have competitive prices with Newegg. I think TigerDirect ships to Canada too.
  5. Go with external sound card when yah need it mane.
  6. That GPU is crappy if you're gonna try to play any new games. You should downgrade your CPU because you're going to have MAJOR bottleneck on your GPU. Drop to an i3-2100 or an AMD Phenom II X4 965 and get a Radeon 7850 at least.

    Also, why are you buying 16GB of RAM for gaming... no games with the operating system even use over 4GB...

    Finally, a 450w stock PSU will not have enough amperage for a decent graphics card anyways. Try a Corsair TX650 or something. You should have at least 40A on the +12V rail.
  7. Get a 600Watt PSU, use your motherboard's built in sound card, 8gb of ram rather than 16. I would also get a better video card if you don't want to be slightly dissapointed (no point spending money for something that is not quite what you wished for.)

    Also, if you have any extra cash, get an SSD as well as your 1tb HDD for installing your OS and a few programs on. IMO makes quite a difference. Basic things like your computer booting up and shutting down quickly really do just improve the machine's usability - plus any games you have installed on it will load significantly quicker (or at least this is true with my machine + skyrim.)
  8. Said it before.... Will say it again...

    Cases with removable dust filters ftw!
    Cosmos ftw!

    Building a computer for Ga-Ming.
  9. thanks for all the help so far guys
  10. I like all the updates, except the PSU. There is 51 1 star ratings, Most DOA's....

    The PSU powers all the parts and can kill them all if it fucks up....

    As for GPU's id suggest a 2GB card, and what ever newest series is in your budget...
  11. What about a GPU? Are you picking a new one? Like I said, the Radeon 7850 is great for $200. If you can't quite afford that, a Radeon 6850 is a step down for a little less.
  12. Ok well first of all, you don't necessarily need a sound card. The 7850 is a great card you won't regret it. But I'd also recommend getting an ssd as a boot drive you won't regret it.
  13. The sound card may be a bit overkill, but with all the parts you selected it looks good.

    Make sure you take a look at warranties, that should also be a factor in your selection.
  14. yeah im scrapping the soundcard for now eventually i want to get a good audio system, and thanks, ill take a look at the warranties and see what they have
  15. Actually, if you do intend to get a high end audio system in the future, I would recommend that card. I have one and it's awesome. I would wait until you get a new audio system, using such an expensive card on crappy speakers won't do too much.
  16. thats what i plan on doing when i get the audio system ill order the card at the same time
  17. If you get the 7850 and the TX 650W you will have a good rig... I ran GTA IV at 1440x900 maxed out with AMD Phenom II X4 965 stock speeds, 4GB of 1600MHZ RAM and 7850 OC, kept 60 frames constant.

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