building a 1960 chevy APACHE.

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  1. i'll be taking 2 trucks and making one... a 1960... and a 1963. i have the 60 right now. i got the 235 c.i. motor running and all painted up... the 63 will be here shortlly, the 63 is in damn good shape. it was a city truck, and years ago this guys dad bought all types of shit from autions. and this truck was bought a long time ago. and has just sit.. you'd be amazed at how nice the inside of the cab is in it,,,

    they are both rusty as hell. and i may keep that look. or paint it,???? havent really decided on that yet,

    IMG_20151108_154040613_HDR.jpg IMG_20151108_154203144_HDR.jpg IMG_20151108_155650188_HDR.jpg

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