Build It: Simple 8x100W CFL Lighting Unit

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    All of the parts shown can be obtained at Home Depot, or probably most any other hardware store.

    Parts Needed:
    - PC power cord, cut off end and connect with wire nuts to:
    - 1x [ame=""]1x double lamp holder[/ame] - $9.75
    (ceiling fixture style light, it would usually have a glass shade directly below the lights and be screwed to the ceiling)
    - 2x [ame=""]bulb socket to socket & 2x edison outlet adapter[/ame] - $5.02
    - 4x [ame=""]edison outlet to bulb socket adapter[/ame] - $1.49
    - 2x [ame=""]double bulb socket adapter[/ame] - $5.70
    Total Price - $31.45 (without bulbs)



    I've hung mine with a bit of rope through the shiny metal loop at the top of the lamp holder, I wouldn't recommend suspending it from the power cord but if the connection were reinforced it would work fine.
  2. Anyone else come up with a similar setup? This could also be done starting from a light fixture with 3 sockets instead of 2, but I'm not sure if the bulbs would all have enough space. As it is it might be tight if using regular 100W equivalent bulbs, the 100's I've got in here are Feit Electric micro compact's. There are two of them, if you look close you can see how their spirals are tighter and use a skinnier tubing. Unfortunately I've only been able to find them at Walmart, can't seem to track them down online.
  3. I'm having major confusion getting 6700k cfls, are these cfls a 100w equivalent to that of an old normal bulb while drawing 23watts on the electricity or are they drawing 100watts and something like a 500watt equivalent??
  4. The bulbs use 23W, equivalent to a 100W incandescent. Not sure if I've seen any 6700K, but 6500K is fairly common and good for veg.
  5. Thanks!!
    I'll pick them up so.
  6. Nice little setup! I grow using CFL's, but I also use tubes. I put my tubes above and then arrange my CFL's around my ladies to get full coverage below the canopy.
  7. That's a nice simple little fixture, good job!

    My one bone to pick is that it should say "8x23W CFL Lighting Unit" in the title.

    No one goes by the bullshit equivalent wattage they give on the box. For growing the actual wattage is the only number that matters or is talked about usually.
  8. you did a good job keeping it simple. i suggest adding an on/off switch to what you got there... they only run about 3 or 4 bucks at the depot. ive built a light fixture like yours before and an on/off switch comes in handy.

    one more thing.... thats 8 light bulbs on a single plug, might wanna look into that and see how safe that is.
  9. Hello I just wanted to check in and see if anyone has put this set up to use? Safety is $y only concern on this DYI. Any feedback appreciated.
  10. wow nice guide thanks
  11. 8 bulbs pulling 23 watts each is only 184 watts. A toaster, microwave, vacuum cleaner, or just about any other household appliance is going to pull a lot more then that while in one plug.

    How many things are plugged in to an outlet isn't what is important, it's how much current each of these things draw.

    I'd say that this is perfectly safe.
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    I'd say perfectly safe as well, the PC power cord should be able to take 1500W just fine (my 1500W space heater came with a thinner gauge cord). The lamp socket is rated to 660W, so it would be the first part I'd worry about but at 184W I'm nowhere close to that.

    There actually is an on/off switch built in to the lamp holder, it has a pull chain that comes off the bottom. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find one on Amazon with a pull chain [ame=""]for a decent price[/ame]. IMO though a switch isn't needed as this should plug directly in to a timer of some sort which would control on/off, but you're right, I'm sure I'll use the switch at some point.

    You're right about the wattage listed DownShift, wish I could change the title. Thought the 100W would be obvious as equivalent incandescent wattage; Does anyone use true 100W CFLs?
  13. Yeah they have ones specifically for growing that go all the way up the 250 watts in a single bulb. From the title, I thought you were running 800 actual watts! That would be a pretty epic cfl grow!:eek:
  14. I'm running 513 actual watts, and was VERY happy with my quality. Quantity was 5 1/2oz from 4 plants. Wish my yield was higher, but it was my first grow so I just need to keep experimenting and studying.
  15. I just transfered my PayPal money to my checking account, so I'll be setting something like this up to go with my T12 lights.

    Where does the power come from??? A regular wall socket? And how to do the wireing?? Can you post a couple of pics of the actual plug/cord assembly??

  16. You can use a decent flood light. The ones that have a 6' cord and a light socket inside the little round aluminum reflector. That's what I did anyway. No wiring. Just screw in the adapters and bulbs and you're good to go.
  17. for what its worth: 184 watts divided 120 volts=1.53amps.
  18. This lighting fixture inspired me to do something really similar. Thanks for the tip.
  19. I built one that looks somewhat similar. Mine has 5 bulbs
  20. This is mine

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