Build a carbon filter or buy one?

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  1. I just bought a S&P TD-100 for a 2ftx2ftx2ft cab and wanted to know if I should buy a carbon filter or build one for the fan from the DIY self section from grasscity? I'm also going to grow only one maybe two plants in the box and use CFLs. Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  2. seeing as you've bought an inline fan you might as well buy a proper carbon filter. But if you enjoy DIY stuff why not make your own itll be cheaper and more satisfying
  3. A filter came with my fan, only reason I bought the fan lol.

    I thought about DIY'ing a filter but i have a bad habit of going over board. And with all the materials I wanted to buy I wasn't saving much money. If I were to do it over again and buy just a fan a lone, I would just buy a filter. I don't have the time or the money to waste if it doesn't work.
  4. i built my own. money will depend on what materials you have lying around. but yea it took me for ages beibg perfectionist aswell. factor in your time anf your much better off buying obe. its guaranteed to work too. which is kinda what you want for smell
  5. if youve got one already just use it bro
  6. Yeah wallmart has carbon for aquarium filters. works just as good as any. i use in a carbon filter on my bong. keeps it clean.

    and diy things are more fun in my opinion. if u think you could.. try. couldn't hurt.

    unless you hurt yourself doing it..
  7. You will never be able to pack the carbon in a DIY filter dense enough to get anywhere near the benefit of a manufactured filter, so smell will be getting through. All depends on how stealth you need it to be.
  8. Thank you all for the input, I just finished looking on amazon and reading through the replies and wanted to know if a DIY filter is worth building to completely eliminate all the smell from one or two plants or buy one. Only reason I ask is seeing as I paid about $90 for the fan I don't want to spend anymore than about $50 on a carbon filter if I have to.
  9. well if you build it the filter will only be about $20
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    Here is the answer you were lookin for. Easy to Build DIY Carbon Filter

    looked it up in bing and BAM.. First page

    Also just looked and there are a bunch of videos on youtube for diy

    Have fun playing Macgyver. It my favorite thing to do. To make something out of seemingly nothing is always very gratifying. (Why I love growin)
  11. I forgot to put this in my post earlier, I seen this carbon filter on amazon sold by "LED Wholesalers," and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this brand or if they knew if my fan will scrub the air efficiently as the filters rated for a max of 200cfm I believe and my fan is 97cfm low, 101cfm high, so does anyone know if this filter would 100% eliminate the smell? LED wholesalers 4" Hydroponic Carbon Air Filter 200 CFM Air Scrubber Oder Control, GYO2305: Home & Kitchen
  12. Anyone? I need to get this filter in the next couple days?

  13. Yes, but just like any filter they wear out. But will last 20x longer then anything your going to make.. Idc if your Magyver, those carbon pads have to be changed every few weeks when in flower.
  14. So are you saying it for sure will work? I just need to know because I either go with this filter, build one myself or just spend like $90 or more for a phresh carbon filter.
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    That filter is the identical one that came with my fan.

    I picked up from amazon a 200cfm inline fan with that filter for $90. The filter works great and should last multiple grows. As we're I hear alot of the DIY filters last 3 weeks.. And those filter pads are crap. 2 weeks tops in flower and you gotta swap, which isn't that bad but if you have to keep buying pads eventually the cheaper route would have been the filter in that link. I say go for filter from led wholesales.
  16. So does this filter work by eliminating the smell or just some of it?
  17. They remove the smell out of the bad air. Mine has worked great, never smelled a thing untill I opened the box and as soon as I did that the whole house would stink. I'm not sure how many months or years they may last. But way longer then any DIY filter im sure.

    Those filter pads are good to cover intakes with, filter the incoming air and helps block light.
  18. I know what a filter does, I'm sorry I was more or less directing the question to you on whether or not the filter I posted from amazon was any good or if I should go with a phresh filter?
  19. I couldn't get that last link to open. But the one you posted from led whole sellers is the same one I have. And it works great go with that one.

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