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  1. so i germed these seeds and planted them and right now theyre like and inch tall with only the dicot part ( no real mj shaped leaves )

    i looked at the plants today and saw a gnat-like bug on the soil so i killed it

    then i looked later on tonight and i saw that there were some tinier gnat-like bugs crawling around the stem

    im a retard and used soil from my backyard so yell at me all you want but um.

    will transplanting fix the problem or should i try to get a pesticide that is friendly to me and to tiny ass plants ( brand recommendations would be greatly appreciated )

    help me save my plants!
  2. HOLD IT ! lol. Your plants are Fine, well, other than the fact that you cant use outdoor soil unless your sure of its PH and Nute value. Go get some real soil, there are lots to choose from at your local Gardenshop (home depot or lowes is nice if you live in america and they are everywhere)

    Transpant your plants into good soil in about 5 days when they actually have root bearing.

    Water your plants and fill the top of your soil with marble chips to keep the gnats away (they lay eggs in your soil and the larvae eat your roots) Generally they arent harmful til flowering, but this should keep them away. That And a dry soil.

    Get plenty of light and find some nutes that you'll need later.

    Also remember that overwatering is the number one noob Plant growers demise.
  3. thx a ton!

    for now can i jus put some small gravel over the top of the soil so the larvae doesnt rape the roots as the plant tries to develop?
  4. yeah, gravel, sand, it all works, but sand tends to get mixed up in the soil. And dont worry, you could go through a healthy grow cycle with gnats and even whiteflies. Garlic is also a good way to get them to go away. I remember my dads old outdoor field where he planted 250 of the sweet smellin plants. He planted a clove of garlic between each plant intersection, helps keep them nasty pests away.
  5. would actual garlic cloves work lol?

    thx for the advice im gonna put some pea gravel on top of the soil today after i check for more gnats
  6. im sure you have heard about laddy bugs eating away at a nasty infestation but it dosnt seem to be that serious from the way you describin it gl

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