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  1. Today I went to water my plant and there was some kinda small bug that i flicked off, then I noticed that bug was obviously eatting a leaf.
    I moved the plant for any precaution against the damn things.

    Should I clip the leaf off? I had 2 leafs turning yellow before and after I clipped them the plant started to grow better in general.
  2. [​IMG]

    The bugs eatting leafs have started to get worse...:mad:
  3. anyone got input?
  4. i wouldnt clip the leaf, but i would take a look at what kind of bug it was then got to your local garden center and get some organic pest repellant. also if slugs are your problem put some egg shells in your pots. and another thing i wouldnt put any personal info on this site ex. my space, remember pot is still illegal. pz :smoking:
  5. I always grew weed when i was young and had the same problem with grasshoppers every year. A couple of grasshoppers can totally demolish your plant so whenever i found one on my plant i pinched it in half and left him in the soil as a perfect example.​
  6. The only real problem I have had was these little bastards hatching babies on my MJ. I used to swat them all.
  7. When I have those kinds of problems, I just buy some organic bug repellants, works like a charm ;).

  8. You dont have to worry about the fact youll be smoking it later?
    Ive always wondered about that...
  9. Geat...so yesterday I found this little green insect making its way on my seedling...I squashed it. I felt sorry for the poor thing, but hey it's either him or my plant. lol
  10. If it's an organic pesticide, the no, it's made of other plants, and non-toxic materials. Even if you didn't use organic, once harvest time rolls around, the pesticides will be gone when you cure your bud.

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