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  1. in my backyard there is a spot that is absolutely perfect for growing... hidden from all sides, and no one goes back there... there is quite a bit of viney plants that i have cleared out.

    so i transplanted one of my sprouts there, checked back on it the next day and all that was left was two pointed leaves and one round one and no stem...

    if i were to put my other sprouts in a bucket or pot in the same spot and didnt put it in the soil am i going to have the same problem?

  2. If your seedlings r getting clipped its from slugs, they can devestate a seedling gro sho, 1 year I had about 150 seedlings all just sprouted went back next day and all clipped and eaten. to fix the problem just buy some slug repellent. I'd say grow in the ground, better off because it's more root growth.
  3. ok, i dont think i will be able to get any repellant anytime soon with school, work, and the fact that I cant drive.

    but would the planting in a pot keep away bugs?
  4. HIGH All, it'll help but not much....lots of pests out there that love what we love....the thing is one must try and put them out when a little older and bigger...this way the plant has some chance of surviving.
  5. I grow in pots on my terrace. I have no problems with slugs, but have had the occasional bit of bother from blackfly and baby geasshoppers. I make an organic insecticide with soap and garlic for the blackfly. I swat the hoppers.
    Have even had one or two caterpillars, which I have picked off.
  6. grow in pots until it gets a bit bigger then transplant so that you will have time to get repellant and plant is big enough so that slugs wont kill them
  7. o i just thought of somtin! if the area is clear you can go to the border of the clearing and pour some salt around in a circle and neighboring plants so that slugs will leave. even a trace of salt irritates them
  8. Or put down copper anti-slug strips.
  9. yup all that works but make sure you use 1 of them, even growing in pots slugs can reach your seedlings, infact they enjoy climbing thing's such as pots. aviously growing on a porch or something away from the ground would work too.
  10. I advise against this. The last thing you want to do is contribute to the salinity of your soil.

    Copper slug/snail barriers work pretty well. I also dig a small hole and put a pie tin in it. I then pour beer into the tin and then over the hole with a small plank of wood with a small gap so the slugs can get in. The next day I empty out the 30 or so drowned slugs and do the whole thing over again until I don't have a slug problem. I found this more effective to any commercial slug/snail bait out there.
  11. My grandad used to swear by the beer trap method, now you mention it.
  12. thanks for the advise... now i just gotta wait a few years til i can buy beer.

    im 17.... and no one in my family drinks....

    is there an alternative method to beer?
  13. Don´t go saying you are 17, or you will likely get banned.

    Minimum age to be on GC is 18.
  14. oh yea... its ok tho...

    birthday comin up on the 8th.
  15. HIGH All, well we'll see ya on the 8th then.
  16. I didn't read that.

    yes, put some yeast in some water and just a pinch of sugar.
  17. is he relaly banned or is that just there as a joke?
  18. I think he's banned for real bro.

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