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  1. I have an organic inside grow. Lately I have noticed small, winged, dark insects in the soil. They look like very small gnats. I have not noticed them on any plants. I do not see any effects on the leaves, buds, or stalk. They are in the soil. They are not affids, or spider mites. They leave no residue that I can see anywhere on the plants. The plants are healthy. Most of the remedies I have read here involve spraying the foliage but not applying to the soil. I have used systemic remedies in my house plants but I don't know how this would affect my mj in taste and health concerns. Could these bugs come into my system via locally available composted chicken manure or any of the commercially composted mushrooms or cow manure products? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Fungus Gnats...common household gnat.

    Solution - H202 diluted 4 to 1 with water in the meduim to kill the larvae. Bug Strip hanging in your grow room to kill the adults and Neem oil on top of the soil to stop the parents from breeding. Also try to only watering when your plant needs it as they love the warm wet top soil...

    Good luck and should be pretty easy to keep a handle on them.:D
  3. Thanks a lot XFactor69, I will apply your remedy asap. I also did a little research and found that I also need to improve my 'housekeeping' to prevent these critters from having a place to breed.

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