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  1. Hey guys! my month and 2 week old female just recovered from some bad nute burn (never buy large bags of miracle grow..). Thankfully I gave her extra time for vegetation and she's once again healthy, with a few stray chrispy leaves left over. I am concerned though because a week or so ago i found a little green bug on my plant, there was apparently only one but I am not sure. I picked it off and crushed it, but a few of my leaves-- closer to the bottom of the plant, are showing signs of deterioration. She's overall a healthy plant, but my question is: Is this from the left overs of nute burn, or from bugs?

    I posted pictures of the problem, and of the plant overall. She looks quite healthy to me but tell me what you think!

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  2. that doesnt look like bug damage, smaller bugs usually leave small trails where they sucked the leaf juice, larger bugs like caterpillars or locus will leave distinctive bite marks.
    its looks like humidity issues coupled with lock out. i would worry about them any more just keep the overall plant vigore. the last pic, the leaves have a paper look to them, do they feel like paper? if so thats a pH imbalance, what is ur pH ur watering with?

    good luck
  3. Thay are not locked out yet...not even close but will be if you dont get your ph to
    6.5-6.8...twisted leafs are a sign of bad ph....

    Yoda Out:bolt:

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