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  1. I just noticed for the first time these little hunchbacked tan bugs that seem to make little web balls. What are these? Are they a prblem? How do I get rid of them?
  2. Sounds to me like spider mites. They can become a big problem if you don't do something soon. If you noticed them with the naked eye then there's definately already an infestation.

    There's several ways to erradicate them. Spray the plants with neem oil or pepper spray under low-light conditions to prevent burning the leaves and new growth. These pests and their larvae are often immune to pyrethium or pyrethrum(sp). Therefore you might have to spray several times a week and spray with clean water inbetween.

    Here's a link that will help:
  3. I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. They (spider mites) are aggressive aren't they? What worked for me was a new pest strip called a Hot Shot. 2 days after hanging it in my closet the buggers were dead.

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