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  1. so i got little white that look like fleas and black bugs that walk really fast and look like beetles all over the dirt around my best plant anyone know any home made bug killers i can use before they spread?
  2. i wish i could help you, but i'm a total newbie. i just found a few bugs around my plants this morning too and now i'm a little worried that i might also have a bug problem. i just don't want anything to happen to my babies!
  3. I suggest you both take a look at http://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=11688 near the bottom there is a good section about bugs!

    I recently got some small white bugs walking around in my soil when I watered them, so I baught some MM2000 from Grotek, and it worked like a charm. It took a few days, but it did end up killing all of them!

    Now you can take some small soil samples and try some homeaid remidies like soap an water, I took ivory soap ( cause its pure soap no additives) and water and tried to kill those bugs but it didnt work.

    You really need to know what type of bug it is to kill it!!
  4. Yeah let’s talk
  5. Bugs suck. I just had them exactly 7 days ago now..
    (Spider mites)
    Try this from walmart 7$ CAN.
    3 in 1 pest spray
    It's worth a try If your out of options.. it worked for my spider mites there all gone and haven't reappeared..I'm not sure of your bugs but as said if nothing left, nothing to lose.. I'm constantly checking daily with x15 vision *magnify glasses*
    Also insecticidal soap works but not as affective as the 3 in 1. I used the soap on day 5 to kill any new larve that may have reappeared..anyways..
    if you chose to go ahead with the spray,
    Cccccccompletely soak full plant tops and *****BOTTOMS***** of leaves and do soil tops and soil trays!!!!******!!!!!!!***!!

    So you know!!!!!
    spraying in a tent or small area, make sure you have great ventalation haha trust me.. it WILL stink

    Spray smell
    3 in 1 pest spray - 3 days.
    Insecticidal soap - 2 days.

    Happy growings. :smoking-bong:
  6. i got some clones from a guy who had thyme or rosemary or some herb like that in his grow room too which he said was great for fighting off bugs. seemed to work and cheap/easy too. any truth to that?
  7. Companion plants
    They work great for sustainable/organic-friendly grows.
    Ones that deter bugs are like you said; rosemary/thyme but I have also heard mint/lavender and I believe garlic works as well
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