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Bugs just tried to gang-rape me!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by shroomkid, May 25, 2012.

  1. Ok so I was sitting in bed about ten minutes ago high as fuck browsing this site when I tried to scratch an itch behing my ear. Now I'm not usually one to freak out while high or at bugs for that matter. But when I tried to scratch the itch and found one of these motherfuckers crawling along my neck: [​IMG]
    I basically freaked out. I leapt out of bed so fast and whipped the lights on. On further inspection I found about 10 of these horrible things in my BED and on my floor. I think they came through my open window in my bedroom Pbut I need to keep it open as to get rid of the pungent smell of marijuana lingering. I can honestly say I never knew what it was to have your high killed unroll I went through this experience.

    I'm so creeped out guys and to top it off I went downstairs to find a troop of ants crawling my kitchen.

    Any similar stories ? Or ideas to keep these fuckers out my room.?
  2. I was extremely high at a festival one time and felt what I thought was an itch on the top of my head. When I took off my hat about 4-5 beetles flew out :laughing:
  3. Those are the weird version of rolly pollys. Those are the ones that don't curl up into balls right?
  4. Yea they didn't seem to curl up when I fucked with them, I've always called them wood lice.

    Oh well it's time to toke up and forget this trauma lol
  5. Slater bugs?
  6. Nice exoskeleton on that bug... :ey:
  7. *closes window*. ._. where u from ? o_O the amazon ?
  8. They just wanted to cuddle, bugs love warmth.

  9. Haha I'm from Scotland. I would close the window but still live with folks for the next few months and I like to toke up in the house. They're fine with it but I prefer to let as much smoke out as possible. I'm just going to watch the window like a hawk :hello:

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