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    Ok so I just started up my second grow. I mixed up a 40-40-20 FFOF FFHF and perlite mix inside of a new trash can from walmart. I'm leaving the trash can in my downstairs laundry room. So I started three new plants in solo cups and got em in my veg area. Anyways I was checking the soil to see how damp it was and noticed little white bugs crawling all over all Three solo cups. Checked the garbage can and it was full of them also. Same bugs I had from my first grow along with aphids. Now my plant from my first grow was transplanted from outside and I have a lot of aphids in my yard so I figured that's where those bugs came from. My question is where did these other bugs come from? Can they just migrate inside that easily?
  2. The Ocean Forest. Especially gnats .
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  3. Yea I was kind of wondering if they might have just been in some of the bags of soil. I know I said I think it might be spider mites but now I'm thinking baby aphids.
  4. I got gnats from my FFOF. I was warned by Phil Kind , kind soil guy, that FFOF has bug issues. I already had the FFOF bought so I used it anyway lol. Got gnats. Other than that it's been great . Neem oil has been helping my treat them pretty good.
  5. Yea I'm gettin my neem mixed up right now. How should I go about doing the whole garbage can? Do the bugs dig in the soil or do they stay at the top? I was thinking just spray down the can and lid and top layer of soil pretty good..
  6. All I seen online says gnat larvae hang around the first inch or two of the soil. That sounds like a good way. I don't spray my leaves, I probably should. Paranoid. I just spray the soil. If you do spray the leaves, I would test it out on a small leaf and see how it reacts .

    Edit - I believe the dawn dish soap I used to help mix the neem oil, raised my ph in the soil. So lookout for that .
  7. You don't spray the leaves? I guess that might work for fungus gnats but aphids and mites and shit it's a must. I drenched my plant with neem, fungicide, and spinosad to make sure bugs would be gone. Zero problems. Just spray before lights out and you'll be good. Neem is organic too so you really shouldn't have to worry much.
  8. bro get your house a good clean. with lots of bleach like every corner and get a new garbage / cleaN it. buy an electric flies killer for 10-20 bucks put it outside ur groom. make sure buckets, tent and everything is fuckin clean as fuck u should get that pesticide killer that u can spray ur walls with forgot its name but yeah if ur indoor then clean it bro and ull b good.

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  9. and make sure caulk the seams of your room inside and out
  10. I probably should. What do you mix with your neem oil? Dish soap?
  11. I use FFOF too..saw my 1st gnat the other day and he got sucked out of the tent in the fan intake..Sprayed all down with Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew..so far so good..
    Still have another 1.5 cu ft in the garage..will be looking at different soils next grow..
    Too bad..the FF soil is good stuff other than that.
  12. I sometimes get gnats in my soil, and I found that using fans to blow across the tops of the pots controls the gnats by helping dry out the first couple inches of soil. That is where they lay their eggs and the larvae live. The dry soil kills them. If it is really out of control, you can put about an inch of sand on top of the soil and that should do the trick. Also get some of those yellow sticky cards and stake them in every pot. Gnats suck, but you can get through it.
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  13. have not seen any since..Sprayed the soil and the plants..
    Tried the sticky paper, but I got stuck myself..LMAO
  14. You can pasteurize the unused soil to rid it of the bugs. Just put it in the oven for an hour or so at low temp. 170 seems to work.
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  15. That would make a bigly hit with my GF..NOT!..LOL
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  16. I guess I'm lucky...after 17 years my wife just accepts shit like that
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  17. Yea I just put like half a tbs of unscented/original dawn dish soap. I mix up a half gallon at a time.
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  18. So I just watered my flowering plant and I seen a bunch of little white larvae looking bugs come crawling up outta the soil after I watered and burrowed back down probably about 5 minutes after I was done. I've never seen them before, is this fungus gnats you think? Fuckin bugs are starting to really piss me off..
  19. Yeah, other than the bugs . It's pretty good. I still have half a bag of it but I'm going to go with something else next time.
  20. How bad does it smell while cooking? My wife might allow me to do that ,maybe lol. As long as it doesn't smell that bad .
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