Bugs already? WTF???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LookUp, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. So I went to check on the seed I planted yesterday and of course with my luck, it hasn't broke ground. As I was looking closely, I see extremely small white bugs crawling around... wtf? Like they're reeeeeally small but I can see em if I look closely.

    No effing idea where they came from. Foxfarm OF soil that I watered and drained thoroughly before I planted the seed. The soil has only been chillin there for 2 days. Where the hell did these bugs come from?

    damn I hate knowin bugs are in the house :/ . What do they want from my little seed?
  2. They come from the soil. Hot shots pest strips six bucks at lowes. Cover your dirt with sand or perlite
  3. So the lil girl still has a chance? I can't make any purchases til Friday, I'm dead broke :/

    I'mma get the pest strip and use sand on my official grow, i dont like pests at all :(
  4. white bugs? they can be bad.. I had some white bugs eat the sprouting seeds. nuke those f'ers.
  5. And everyone wonders why I bad mouth FFOF.
    The stuff used to be great quality. Due to increased demand they just cannot provide the same product with the quantity they have to produce. Bugs with them are inevitable.

    Check out ProMix Bx, Canna BioTerra, or Roots Organic. This stuff is extremely high quality and popular with people who have been growing for a long time. 90% of new growers use FFOF and spending a little time around here only proves how far this stuff has fallen.
  6. don't be so quick to pull the trigger here fellas. Believe it or not, every brand of high quality soil, even "sterilized" can have a number of insect larvae or eggs in them just waiting for the right conditions to hatch, it's inevitable.

    LookUp, have you been able to determine what they actually are? There are plenty of soil critters that are actually beneficial. My soil is crawling with springtails for example and i'm happy to have them, which by your description cannot be rulled out as the bug in question. The springtails I have are white, tiny and come up the surface in large numbers usually right after watering and then go back into the soil after a little bit.

    I'm not saying that's what you have, just want to advise you not to do anything drastic (read: apply pesticides) if you don't need to.

  7. sweet info
  8. Well it didn't break soil and its been 4 days. So I dug it up and it hardly broke open. Dunno if it had anything to do with those bugs or what. Next time I'll be putting sand on top of the soil and just call it a day

    I cant seem to get mine to break soil lol, I suck so bad. I'm guessing its my germination process, I cant find a dark warm place since its so cool out here now. Next time I'm just gonna drop em in the soil. I'll have more bagseeds next Monday...
  9. I would recommend grodan starter cubes. They will make your life a whole lot easier.

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