bug surrounded by white furry substance

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  1. check ing plant found what looked like white mold on main near a node. touched and it moved. what is it?
  2. Might be a Mealy bug
    Google it
  3. sorry thought i attached it.lol you can see the largest white chunk, thats the bug. scared the shit outa me when it moved

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  4. Did it come out of the center hole of that web like material?
    Shit got me now Maybe a spider
    How many legs does it have
    Maybe @Chunk will take a look also
  5. Did ya killz it
  6. lol, i didnt look at legs, i ran. no, just killed it cleaned it and sprayed. but it was in the bare spot and moved when i touched it
  7. Im gonna say spider and was most likely making a egg sac in that area
    You killed it, so just keep an eye out for any others.
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  8. No damage to plant that you can see right?
  9. Looks kinda like a green lacewing grub (Chrysopidae) If it is indeed Chrysopidae, it's one of the good guys. The larvae eat both mites and their eggs.Hard to be 100% on an ID though.

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  10. Looks like more than one carcass after a bug molted...
  11. That's a special kind of nasty. Lol

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  12. Im gonna have to say mealybug with the stuff on the plant just being WPM. Mealybugs excrete honeydew which encourages the growth of mould on plants, usually sooty mould but it's not unheard of to get WPM.

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  13. thanks, i took bug off, cleaned plant, sprayed with spinosad. its been a few days and shes growin good so far
  14. Good to know. I don't have any experience with them but it's good to hear they died off quickly

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