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  1. NO....

    Your inside why are you spraying pesticide inside?
    Different rules for Cannabis as you going to be smoking the sprayed material.. Not smart to use a heavy duty pesticide I grow outside and even there I don't use anything that deadly..

    Essential oils will do the job and are safe for human consumption..

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  2. I'm growing out side so I can't 7se this but it says u can use it, on flowers and fruit surely it should be safe because either way your consuming what your spraying u eat tamatos and they get sprayed with it so what's the difference, as its the only thing can get right now that will help due to having a Aphids problem a big one outside its making life very hard for my ladies thanks guys for all the help

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  3. What goes through your digestive tract is a lot different then what is inhaled. You can eat a lot stronger poisons with no harm then you can smoke-inhale.
    Most fruits have a hard outer shell that is resistant to many toxins actually entering the fruit.
    Just be aware and try and limit the toxins used.
    The organic section has lots of threads on using herbal oils to kill aphids as they are not very hard to kill.

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  4. Thanks for the info fuck the spray lol!, i have just ordered some neem oil, also i hear soapy water can help as well as my grow is outside there autos about 2 weeks in to flower

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  5. Check the local garden center or depot or lowes. My Lowes had stacks of ladybug containers at the checkout stands so I grabbed a couple. Not that I really need more but it never hurts.


    Keep in the fridge for a few hours to slow them down. Sprinkle on your plants at night.

  6. I personally use 3in1 *safers* miticide
    Aslong theyre not in flower..
    And I'll use *safers* insecticidal soap up untill week 2 flower,

    do a couple rinses *as if it's raining* to get any residue off and foliage feed with a mist spray bottle for a few weeks,flush at the near end of flower, and budwash.
    Works for me. Everyone has they're own opinions/ways.

    12$ each at walmart..
  7. Outside has a couple of more threats in store for your outside plant.
    Powdery Mildew. Green Cure or Baking soda for that one.
    and the worst of all
    CATERPILLARS. aka Bud Worms.
    BT Thuricide for them as soon as flower starts.

  8. I'm in the UK, i heard soapy water works like every 2-3 days I gotta spray untill harvest then I hear i have to warm wash them or somthing idk but it's my first time outside and they have smashed it so far its now the hard part ill take a few photos tomorrow and upload them here would u mind having a look let me no if im in big truoble because i aint used to this, i used to grow indoors then stopped for a few years and thought would go with one outside for a chance didnt realise what i was getting in to, when I used to grow indoors i would have a shower and make sure I'm clean ect! before entering my grow area, but in the mean time while ive ordered everything u said is there anything I can make at home, a DIY spray if it helps them im willing to give anything a go

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  9. [​IMG]
    Powdery Mildew starts like this.
    All to quickly it can spread and become this.
    Household Baking soda will control it.

    Sodium Bicarbonate.
    Standard mix is 1 tablespoon per gallon.
    1/2 teaspoon in a pint spray bottle should work fine.
    Once a week. Spray till dripping.

    Caterpillars are a separate issue I'll cover next post.

  10. Ok I'll keep that to hand to make sure I'm in front of the problems not behind

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  11. I think I might have white aphids, i thought I had black ones but from what I recall the black bugs I saw wasn't aphids, i send photos

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  12. Can't find what I'm looking for but I'm sure they was little black flys with wings like super sized bigger then there body much bigger lol

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  13. Well your hosed by your government. The best agent for fighting Caterpillars is banned in the UK for home use.
    You'd need to be a "Professional"
    You could just order it online and see what happens.
    Bacillus Thuringiensis
    Only kills caterpillars. Destroyed by sunlight in a few hours, Needs weekly applications.
    I've used it for almost 8 years now.
  14. Hi bro i posted about the plants with a few photos i did a spray down with a soap mix but i seemed to have burned the plants a bit I think that was the sun tho but if u could have a gander and see what ya think

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