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  1. Got a flyng bug problem like a gnat they keep flyin in front of my face does any body think that diamaectous earth food grade would work just to put on top of the soil?
  2. https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/root-aphids-fungus-gnats-and-other-fun-bugs-id-pics.55071/
    Take a look at this link Rhino.
    Diatomaceous earth is used by many growers,but i believe it gets a bit messy after a while.
    An inch layer of perlite works well(ive used that)for fungus gnats.
    Gnatrol or Mosquito dunks from ebay for organic growers.
    Hydrogen peroxide is my fave for fungus gnats.
    If you have Root aphyds,i think something more potent is called for,like a pyrethrin based insecticide.
    GL Rhino.
  3. They sell these yellow sticky papers at garden stores that catch all the gnats & if you always keep your soil moist try to leave and inch of dry dirt they should go away

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  4. Yea try out the sticky paper it works really really good
  5. The yellow sticky traps will catch fliers but wont stop the fungus gnat larvae that live in the medium  from eating your roots.
    The larvae can kill young seedlings if the infestation is bad enough.
    I wouldnt like to gamble my babies lives on sticky traps alone.
    Survival of the species is any creatures first instinct,not to commit suicide on a yellow sticky.
    Its "the birds and bees" stuff really.
    Keeping the medium dry is only a deterrant,as i believe eggs can lay dormant in dry conditions,just waiting to pounce.
    Kill the larvae and you break the life cycle,job done until next time.
    Just my opinion.
  6. I used the earth stuff on top of the soil in my pots and I sprinkle in the stealth grow box around the whole interior along the walls and place sticky traps in each corner. Maybe overkill but I just moved to a new place and I am in a crawlspace but has cement floors and walls, its under the steps. I would rather do that then come down and find bugs in my plants deatroying them 5 weeks into flowering. I also did the same to rest of the storage area and have caught some big ass wolf spiders on the traps and 1000 leggers. I have nowhere to run if im sitting in there checking the plants and a spider come strolling by. The earth stuff will kill them pretty much on contact atleast my bugs were along the wall. Never had a bug problem, knock on wood. Too bad I cant say I never had a deficiency problem. Good luck

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