Bug problem. What are they?

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  1. Got these little white bugs on my plants. They are tucked into the buds. What can I spray on the plants and buds?

    Already sprayed them with the hose pretty good. Seemed to help but didn't want to blast the buds. IMG_20170828_165101.jpg
  2. Try Monterey Spinosad. Spray in the evening
  3. Is thar safe to spray right on the buds?

    I've done all organic grow for the most part.
  4. You have white fly and spinasod won't control as sucking or piercing insect. It only works on contact and like you said they are hiding in the buds. Read the label before applying insecticides just check and see if it is labelled for the insect your spraying for.

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  5. They aren't that far along. So should I use spinosad ? IMG_20170826_190221494.jpg
  6. I would go the essential oil route, maybe something in the citrus family to bring out the terps while killing the white fly's.
  7. You're fine. Spray away as labeled
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  8. They had this right at my local hardware ( I live in a small town ). I figured I'd try this first as oppose to ordering and waiting for something. It says it kills whiteflys and is safe up to day of harvest.

    My question is can I add some straight neem oil to the spray for something a little extra? Or should I just use as instructed.
  9. A 3rd vote for spray away. Spinosad will do the job. Must be applied in 3 applications. Every other day.

    Spraying citrus may kill white flies but will not add terps what so ever. And lemon juice is highly acidic and may cause ill effects.

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