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    Are these thripes?
    Never seen them before. New pest. Yay.
    Any way to control these? More importantly how to prevent them chemically or otherwise? Thanks all!

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  2. Spinosad should control the little shitters.
    Captain Jacks dead bug brew is what I use

  3. Is that them on the stem!?!?!?!?! HOLY SHIT if so!
  4. Yep. :/
    Those branches have already been chopped off.
    Not much I can do at this point as this plant is in full on flower.
  5. What if I brought the infested plant outside for a few days or something? Would the natural outdoor predators eat up these aphids?
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  6. It’s not that hot. 70-80. I think I’m gonna bring it outside and let it finish out there. Prob needs another month. Hopefully I won’t need to bring it in because of cold October.
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  7. Just to be clear, in reading about Spinosad, it needs to be sprayed directly on the bugs and cannot be used in a preventative manner, correct?
    The only thing I use preventatively is Azamax for spider mite. Is there something that can be sprayed in veg to prevent bugs like this?
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  8. Sweet mother of Jesus Mary Joseph of Bethlehem, I thought my aphids were bad, this is outta control. Nuke those fkers

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    How are those plants even alive with them being fed on like that. Oofgah

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