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  1. It contains buffalo compost, kelp meal and endomycorrhizae. All good things, however the mycos are better dusted on roots at transplant than used in a tea. So that leaves you with buffalo compost and kelp meal. Kelp meal is amazing stuff, and I've never used buffalo compost, but I would assume it's along the lines of cow manure as long as its composted thoroughly. So that leaves price as the determining factor for me, couldn't find a price on the website you linked. If it isn't outrageously priced, I say try it and see what kind of results you get. I personally think it would be cheaper in the long run to just buy a bag of their buffalo compost and get some kelp meal and make your own. Not sure of your prices there, but here 1lb of mycos is ~$16, kelp meal is ~$55 for a 50lb bag, I know that sounds like a lot but it will last you a long time, and in the long run will probably save you money.
  2. If you were to run this manure through a worm bin you would be paid back in spades because you would increase the microbial levels by 200 - 300%

    Same with poor quality thermal compost, animal manures in general, etc.


  3. It was only a few bucks for the box so I decided to go ahead and try it. I picked it up and mixed some in with my promix and transplanted into the new pots. I used it dry mixed in vs using it as a tea. I would like to start keeping a worm box down in the basement maybe. My grandparents always had boxes of night crawlers around. Would night crawlers be adequate for the work I need them for? I'm just trying to get into this whole organic thing and am very busy doing research constantly.
  4. I actually use this:D So far I am not far enough into my grow yet to see how it will work but we will see in a few months:D

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