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  1. Can anyone please tell my why the buds are so small on my plants? All plants have this problem and they are all in their 6-7 week.
    The plants are 160-170 cm (5.5 feet) tall, with the pot. And they have all been fed proper nutrients.

    Possible reasons could be too much leaf trimming, pots not big enough, that once they almost died due to not being watered when I was on vacation, bad seeds.
    What's your take on this? Thanks.

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  2. patience, for some strains the last few weeks pack on serious bud sweeling
  3. your plants may go another 2-3 weeks man, in the last 2 or so they fatten up as they finish off, just wait it out, doesnt matter if they are small, be happy you got bud :D

  4. My LR buds are doing the same thing as yours, i think its just a bit of a waiting game, just looking at the bud you can see its not fully developed, cos it dont really look like bud if that makes sense..

    anyway, i think its just like what the other guys said, some strains just swell up loooads in theyre last week or so.. sometimes it says it on the websites you got the seeds from or w/e
  5. put lights closer if there inside...
  6. patience young grasshopper... Let them go.. keep doing what you are doing. Just don't ever trim or cut on leaves, leaves are your plants solar panels!!! Try doing some LST (low stress training) on them, kind of late but it will let more light to the smaller bud sites and increase your yeild a bit. Use some soft, light weight string and tie it in the middle of branches loosely. Then pull the branches down gently by the string and tie the string off to the pot. You can drill small holes in the rim of your pot to do this. Work your way up from the bottom branches to the upper branches. You will see how it will open up the plant. When your trichomes start turning amber at about 50% amber color the will be ready. Also sugar water at a rate of 4 tablespoons per gallon with help with bud swell. I would only do this about the last four weeks of flowering, plus you would stop using any nutes at this same time. Good Luck... If you are somewhere it doesn't frost until mid October you should have at least 6 or 7 more weeks to let them grow, longer if it doesn't frost until 1st of Noverber and long if frost is almost nonexsistant.
  7. Yup, they look just fine, but not fully flowered yet. It gets lots better soon, enjoy them!!

  8. indica or sativa?

    looks like sativa to me, in which case no worries
  9. I have three strains going for my 1st time. Learning experience.

    One was a low yielding bagseed I got from an old roommate.

    One was a medium yielding might as well be bagseed a friend had for a year or two he supposedly got from a club but had no name. 2 were male 3 females.

    One was one Lavender seed which I should have cloned or kept as a mother but didn't just to learn from it.

    The low yielding one has the smallest buds, but they smell ok.

    The second one has much fatter longer colas and doesn't smell as dank.

    The Lavender however, has the sickest looking nugs and has a purple tendency. The buds filled out SICK on week 3 and week 4. Even by week 2 she was far ahead, but week 4 was her last size week and since then the wispyness has gone away and the weight has packed on.

    So much weight packed on my plants are falling over themselves. I'm VERY excited about my harvest but fuck spider mites!

    I recommend you get a different strain (try purple afghani or Lavender. My friend has both and they are AWESOME yielders, and definite dank).

    Good luck on your new strain.

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