Buds turning yellow? :(

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by _converge, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. I just got a text from my friend saying that the buds on the lower parts of our outdoor plants are starting to turn yellow. The fan leaves have been starting to turn yellow and fall off for awhile now but not the actual buds. I haven't looked at them myself yet (hoping to later today), but what does that sound like?

    Basic information: Outdoor plants planted 3/15. First signs of preflowers were in the first week of July, so I guess they have been flowering for 8-10 weeks. The buds seem skimmpy on the plants for how long they have been flowering but they look and smell GREAT (sour/fruity dank smell). I have 13 plants total and 7 of those only reached 1-2ft so it might just be a shitty area (way out in the woods with decent sun exposure). The other 6 reached 5-6ft. Only could check on them every 2 weeks giving them miracle grow and then the bloom version once flowering started. Last time I checked on them I'm pretty sure I saw some budrot too. I was in a rush though and really didn't have time to look close.

    and also if its a big but fixable problem, being this far into flowering do I have time to fix it? Or should I go ahead and pull them up and get what I can? I check trichs on a few plants and saw some amber ones but my 60-100x scope is so hard to get a good view with.

    Oh yeah, and they were bagseed.
  2. well i chopped them down when I went to go look at them. I don't know what happened. They looked good a week ago and when I went to see them today they looked terrible!. Bad budrot on a few plants and just overall droopy and sickly looking. The intact buds look and smell good still though. Oh well.

    As far as the yellowing bud though. It was only a few nugs. It was halfway from bottow to top turning yellow. The microwaved it to try and do a smoke test and it made the microwave smell AWFUL and dude had to bleach his microwave to get the smell to go away. Mold/fungus im guessing?

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