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Buds Pics w/ Bong!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fucitol, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Why hello GC! I've been here for a little while and I feel is it time for me to post some pics! I picked up an Oz on Saturday for 180. Upon searching the stash I came across these three huge buds (total weight 8.5g's). Here they are in all their glory! (The one on the left weighs the most at 4g's)

    #1 The Buds!


    #2, #3, #4 Closeups!




    The weed is of really decent quality. As for strain...your guess is as good as mine. Probably a 50/50 mix. Very little "burnout". :smoking:

    #5 Bong Pics




    I bought this bong back in September and cost me 50 bucks canadian. The bong is just killer. Perfect size. Great hits. Green Death Machine (not its name, its nameless and I prefer to keep it that way. I've heard way to many horror stories of pieces "magically" breaking soon after being named. Call me superstitious.)

  2. i love getting huge nugs, and for 180 an ounce? nice. +rep for sure dude
  3. yes for 180 that is a very good price
  4. 180 an ounce good pickup for sure, neat little bong too, Enjoy man! :smoking:
  5. nice pick up and nice bong, i also havent named my bongs so it wont hopefully break haha and so far so good
  6. thanks fellas.
    dis some good shit!

    i picked up from a friend of mine. cut me a deal. and what a deal!
  7. damn good lookin bud for 180... if there's no seeds i could sell that for 90 a 1/4 easy!:D
  8. really? around here, everything is usually the same price (give or take 20 bucks).

    O's run generally 200
    1/2 O's = 120
    Q's = 60

    There is NEVER any seeds in my weeds. You could sell it for 90 a 1/4? Cripes. I should send you some to pawn off for me! haha
  9. i like the bong, my friend has one a lot like it. nice buds too. enjoy

    EDIT: lets get a milkshot of that bong once ya rip it :smoke:

  10. Looks like some upper level commercial, pretty good buy for 180...whereabouts in Canada you from? You should be able to find much nicer homegrown for 180-200.
  11. pEtEy_p_ct: Yeah I really enjoy it! Does the job quite nicely. What I really want is a 30incher. Or at least something bigger than what I have. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have another piece in my possession! When I get the opportunity to do up some milkshots I definatley will but thats not always easy livin with rents. Plus its such a dark green color that I'm not sure if you'll be able to notice any of the "milk" :D

    brendan: I'm from Nova Scotia. These prices are all that I've ever seen, with 200 being the norm. Of course I'd love to find it for cheaper but i dont think that is gonna happen :(
    I always buy in bulk, sooooooo much cheaper.
  12. def nice pick up for 180, nice bong btw! happy tokin
  13. looking pretty dan if u ask me
  14. You should try using macro-mode if you have it on your digital camera, that way the buds will show up much nicer =] .

    Not bad man, looks like you got yourself a fun afternoon.

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