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    It could be in week 8-11 for all I know, the top colas dried up and fell of about a week ago and didn't smoke that great, since then I haven't gave it much nutrients and it's happened again to the colas closest to the top, they broke off with little force. I decided to smoke them but they were extremely dry and very thin, my fingers were very sticky and the smoke tastes better than the weed i've been getting recently, it's not perfect (maybe because it's so overdry/crispy?) but I am happy with it.
    The trichomes are very cloudy and I got a pretty good buzz probably 6/10 for the size of my joint. That particular bud spot isn't a 'healthy' spot and there are far healthier looking buds (fully green) elsewhere but I doubt the size will increase too much.
    I am in day 3-4 of a 7-10 day flush, judging by the taste and the drying buds should I start my 48 hour dark period soon and harvest?

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    if they are literally falling off, just cut it down now. trim, dry and cure
    Not quite, about 30% of the plant is very healthy and green, around 60% is turning orange almost but are very firmly attached but I think they may begin to dry up soon? The other 10% is crumbling off
  4. Cloudy trichs means chop chop. High will be a 10/10 after properly dried and cured. Quality is only degrading, imo, at this point
  5. Thanks. I still appreciate 2nd thoughts and opinions.
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    Your plant may have leprosy.
  7. Sounds like mold in the stem.

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