Buds dropped in size hardcore, feeding enough tea?

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  1. Ok check it out. Over the last 3-4 months, I've been fighting the heat in my Flowering room. It's gone from 77 deg normal, to 85-90 at times, but finally got it under control putting a second exhaust. Anyways, point is I was distracted by this.

    And it seems my buds are suffering. I've been able to lower the temp from 85 to about 82 max, but I started thinking about it, after I do my final transplant into a 5 gallon bucket, I don't add any solid nutrients to my soil as I have lots of admendments in the soil already. But the plants stay in the Veg room for about 3-4 weeks after they've been transplanted. The only fertilization I do usually is organic teas once or twice a month with WC, Fish Em, Soft Rock Phosp, Gen Purpose 5-5-5, ect, and usually feed in a 50/50 water dilute. Are my buds suffering due to not enough feeding? How often should I feed my organic plants, and with what?

    Thank you Comrades.
  2. Did you get a big pH drop when the temps went up?
    Reason I ask is I had the same problem and when I checked the pH it had dropped from 5.5-6.0 to 4.0.
  3. Maybe you should try to fertilize with less fertilizer and more frequently, such as every two weeks. Also I dont mean to jack your thread but do temperature changes really lead to ph changes?
  4. I did check my ph levels a few weeks ago, and they did take a drop to the low 5's. I've been battling the temps all summer, and the last few days have finally shown a break in the scorching hot weather we've been having.

    What ph should my flowering plants have? Should it be different for plants in early flower, and for those in late flower? What's the best way to remedy this in a Living Organics situation?

    I've read that it suggests using organic nute teas weekly, unfortunately I can't find any reliable recipes. What do you do personally?
  5. I have everything mized in already as I dont make teas, personally I use cow manure and azomite because its the only thing I can get my hands on, every week or two I will water with half or one tea spoon of Blackstrap unsulphured mollasses to give it iron potassium calcium and sugar for my Mycorrhizae which I added with this pellet stuff I got my hands on. Though if I were making teas I would find whatever recipe you use and divide. It seems like a shock to get a lot of fertilizer and then none, it might work but when in nature (without people) does this ever happen? Its a slow process, try to replicate nature as best as you can because it knows best
  6. 420, I suspect your buds are suffering due to the heat. Several small things may help. Make sure they have enough water and that your soil is well drained. A twenty percent humus content (compost or ewc) should take care of any ph concerns. Spraying with liquid silica is said to help plants in high temps, and I think kelp is supposed to help in heat too. In my indoor garden several things have helped me in hot weather, one is running the lights at night, another is using a dimmable ballast. Less watts equals less heat.....MIW

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